Zombie Massacre Beta   Beta Bug Report

Zombie running animation tilted backwards (7)
Zombie stuck spot on Trainyard (1)
Was stuck with 1 Zombie left and didn't get money (7)
Stuttering issue (7)
A few bugs I've come across (1)
Joining while the game is in progress (2)
Dead and waiting till the wave timer ends (2)
Wrong character model (2)
Zombie out of Trainyard's boss arena (2)
An exploitable spot on Compound's boss level (1)
Compound- a zombie spawned on the fence (1)
Mercenary Auto-Aim Effect Extends Past Cooldown (5)
Pressing Space disconnects the player (2)
Zombie outside of trainyard bounds (5)
White screen on the introduction screen (3)
Minor spelling mistake in Upgrade Menu (2)
[] Compound - Stuck in Tree (1)
Ready up screen odd input (1)
[0.5] Zombie Massacre: players can't talk at ready up screen nor cutscenes (2)
Problem with combos and the upgrade (3)
Zombies spawning on top of things (1)
Zombie got stuck in boss area in Trainyard (4)
Trainyard out-of-map exploitable area (1)
Got stuck (1)
Fix the start up timmer (3)
Zombie stuck outside the map on Train Yard Boss (3)
Zombies stuck behind an invisible wall (2)
Invincible spot on Train Yard (2)
[] Trainyard & Compound - Zombie stuck areas (2)
[ - Zombie Massacre] Alt-Tabbing in Borderless Window Removes Control (2)