A few bugs I've come across

Hello! I’m really enjoying the ZM beta so far, thought I’d post a few of the bugs I’ve come across so far.

  1. The range indicator on melee weapons sometimes doesn’t seem to appear when I pick one up. It has happened a fair few times to me on compound, and also a couple of times on trainyard too. Can’t say I’ve seen it happen on Gasoline just yet.

  2. I joined a Trainyard server mid-round and when the helicopter was supposed to land, the animation really bugged out! Instead of gradually landing, it almost seemed to be stuck in its flying away animation? It was really erratically moving north then south of where it was supposed to have landed, and stayed like that while I tried to figure out where the normal landing spot was to hop in.

  3. This one was quite a significant bug compared to the other two. In the same game the helicopter bugged out, we failed against the boss on our first attempt. When we entered the boss fight again, my mouse cursor had appeared on the screen and I couldn’t fire my weapon at all. It took me a little while to figure out, but for some reason I could only fire my weapon while I was also holding down my RMB down.

That’s everything I’ve come across so far, thanks for reading

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