Stuttering issue

I have a PC that can run this game very well, however on multiplayer with a lot of players I get a terrible stuttering problem. Sometimes it’s frequent, sometimes not so much. It makes the game very hard to play, and I’ve died from it plenty.

I thought I was alone! Was experiencing this alot while playing ZM as well.

Same happens to me. It’s either my specs or that the game may be poorly optimized, considering it’s in beta.

The stuttering could be due to weapon spawns.

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To anyone having stuttering issues, could you please post your computer specs here? Also, were you the host or a client?

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I’ve had it as both client and host the few times I’ve played. Specs are:

i7 7700k 4.20GHz
Nvidia GTX 1070
Windows 10 Home 64bit
16gb RAM

This happenned when playing as client.

i5 6600k 3.5GHz
Nvidia GTX 1070ti
Win10 Home 64bit
16GB 2800MHz DDR4 RAM