How To Appeal Bans. Please appeal through Private Messages only!


When making a ban appeal, please send it to @MacDGuy or @Caboose700 directly.

If you make your ban appeal public and do not follow the following PM system, we will automatically reject your ban appeal and hide it from the public.


Appeals must be respectful. Any attitude, cuss words, immaturity, or threats made or implied will have your appeal rejected immediately and possibly increase your existing ban. We are very friendly, but we will not put up with crap.

You should only appeal if you’ve been banned from TOWER UNITE OFFICIAL SERVERS or TOWER UNITE DISCORD and…

  • You feel that your ban/punishment is over excessive or unfair
  • You’ve been wrongly accused (rarely a case, but if so we’re incredibly sorry)

You should try to provide some kind of evidence (be it screenshots or video) to help your appeal.

Don’t appeal if…

  • You’ve been VAC banned. We do not manage VAC and we cannot unban you from VAC
  • You’ve been caught hacking on our servers and wish to make an “apology”
  • We had enough concrete evidence to support your ban to begin with
  • Your “brother/friend/family member” used your account and got you banned. Your account - your responsibility
  • We’ve banned you severely in the past
  • You were banned from a Condo, Game World, or non official server. We do not manage those servers

##The subject title should be “BAN APPEAL”

##Must include the following:

  • Detailed information on why you are requesting an appeal
  • Your Steam Community page or Discord account

Failure to follow these guidelines will have your ban appeal rejected.

Thank you!

Official Server Rules

  • No chat or mic spamming
  • No racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other forms of discrimination
  • No excessive trolling or harassment
  • No inappropriate videos in theater
  • Treat others with respect

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