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Discord Rules

We expect everyone who uses our chat to employ common sense and be kind and decent to other members of our chat. Follow our rules and respect our moderators (they’re there to help) and you’ll be fine.


By using our Discord chat you agree to the following rules:

  • You may NOT post, present, or transmit through chat (or voice) anything that:

    • Contains offensive, profane, harassing, defamatory, inappropriate, racist, sexist, homophobic, threatening, infringing, obscene, or unlawful material;

    • Contains slanderous or libelous comments about other users, PixelTail Games employees or contractors, or other individuals;

    • Contains personal information about any individual;

    • Violates the privacy of any other individual or entity;

    • Contains business solicitation of any type, including advertising a product or service, offering a product or service for sale, or directing readers to a location for more information about a product or service;

    • Contains viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may adversely affect the operation of PixelTail Game’s systems or a third party’s computer.

  • Do not use any inappropriate avatars or usernames (which includes anything sexual, offensive, or containing hate speech).

  • Use of excessive unicode characters in your username is not allowed.

  • Multiple @ mentions are not allowed.

  • Discussion of warez, illegally obtained software, or hacks is completely forbidden.

  • Spamming chat or voice (including playing music) is forbidden. This includes image embed spam!

  • Use of bots is forbidden. This includes any applications using Discord’s API.

  • Ban evasion, the act of setting up alternative accounts to avoid a ban, is strictly forbidden and will only increase the severity of your existing ban.

  • When contacting developers, please do not @ the developers.

  • Discussion of any game exploit is strictly forbidden. Please follow the How To Report Players guide to report exploits. Macroing is considered an exploit!

  • Discussion or promotion of any leak of code, content, or misuse of GMod Tower content is strictly forbidden.

  • Respect our moderators as they will respect you. If you have a question about their decisions, ask politely. If you have additional information that could help their decisions, please feel free to share it with them in a mature way. Moderators are people too and they just want to enjoy the chat just as much as everyone else.

PixelTail Games reserves the right to moderate the Discord chat at our discretion and have final say on actions taken upon your account.

We may remove postings that contain objectionable material, spam, or otherwise violates the foregoing rules.

Failure to follow these rules may get your access to the Discord chat disabled with or without notice.

Reporting Chat Users

As of August 2016, we’re implementing a new way to report users outside of the public chat.

If you have someone that you find…

  • abusing the rules;
  • harassing you or another user;
  • spamming excessively;
  • or posting content you find overly offensive;

… then report them through PM!

Please don’t try to take matters in your own hands, it will only make the problem worse!

How To Make a Report

When making a report, please report to @Caboose700 directly. If you are unable to report through DMs, please use our email:

The subject title should be "DISCORD USER REPORT"

The report must include all three of the following:

  • Detailed information
  • The Discord profile of the user (or users) you are reporting
  • Screenshots of the offensive chat (or recording of offensive audio)

If you don’t include all of the above, you may have your report ignored.

Try to be friendly when reporting and provide as much information as possible so the moderators can make the best decision possible.


How to Report a Moderator

We hope this will never come up, but sometimes it could.

We expect our moderators to follow the same rules as our users.

As such, if you wish to report a moderator, please report them just as you would a normal chat user to our email: Please don’t report moderators to anyone else.

Please don’t take the issue publicly or in your own hands. We will handle the situation.

Appealing Bans

Ban appeal is available through PM, following this guide: How To Appeal Bans