When does using a bug qualify as an exploit?

When looking through the Official Server Rules, I noticed the following rule:

(From How To Appeal Bans): “Discussion of any game exploit is strictly forbidden. Please follow the How To Report Players guide to report exploits. Macroing is considered an exploit!”

I don’t mean to skirt this rule by making this post - I don’t want to discuss a specific game exploit, just to clarify what an exploit is.

The EULA lists under “CHEATING POLICY” that “If you are cheating in any way, including any attempt by you, either directly or indirectly, to circumvent or bypass any element of TU or any TU servers to gain any advantage in multiplayer play of TU, you are in breach of this EULA.”
By that definition, if you find a bug, and notice people using it, but not to gain an advantage (for instance, using a map bug to explore the space between areas/outside the map), do you need to report the people using it for using an exploit, or just the bug itself?

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i don’t think i’ve ever seen someone punished for doing something that could be prevented with code unless it involved a macro. i don’t think throwing someone taking advantage of a bug under the bus is usually necessary

for places to go out of bounds specifically, the bug megathread of the map in question is generally the place to report those, if someone hasn’t already done so

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