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As some may have noticed, there has been some drama surrounding a hosted server on Garrysmod of GMod Tower. A cease and desist was sent to an individual as we have copyright on items developers have made. However we’ve decided it’s no longer in our interest anymore. We will be open sourcing* our GMod Tower code for players to use and enjoy. We’re done with GMod Tower, and we will be concentrating on Tower Unite from here on out.

The GMod Tower 10 Year Reunion may still go ahead as planned (with perhaps a delay), but we hope everyone is enjoying the latest Tower Unite update, and we’ll be pushing out a fix for some bugs within the week.

We’ll be posting a GitHub link to our code soon.

*To specify Open Source, we mean using the GNU AGPL v3.0 (or a similar license - to be determined at a later time)


Why would you cancel the cease and desist if you own the products and were about to release an event? Why was the event delayed and your persecution of the individual ceased? And then make it open source ?


All i can say is :thinking:
I’m worried about the brand damage and stuff. Many people might not notice it’s open source and unwillingly log on to a virus-infested bait server, and get the wrong impresssion. On the other hand it’s great you guys are becoming less strict with it and people will be able to play and host GMT, but it will really take away from the “Community” aspect of GMT. Having people spread across all different servers, i’m not sure it’s a good thing.

Edit: I can’t unlike the top post.
Like Robo says below, the best part of GMT was it being one unified server. I wanna come home on a rainy day, make a hot chocolate while i wait to connect to GMT, then finally log on. Have a few people greet me back, chill at the top of the lobby waiting for Ballrace until someone begins to micspam because there’s some weird shit going on next to the fountain. Sitting around some guy waiting for him to get a jackpot, he gets it and then we start punching everything before the server restarts. Things like this just won’t happen if we were all spread out.


Not sure if my reaction to this can be put in words. Open sourcing legacy content is always a thumbs up. :+1:

What exactly stops malicious actors from doing that already now without it being open source?

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HEY ALL, INVIDIUAL IN QUESTION HERE, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THIS NO PLEASE. IM SERIOUS. THIS WOULD RUIN THE ENTIRETY OF GMTOWER. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. I WANTED GMT BACK BUT NOT LIKE THIS PLEASE DONT FUCKING MAKE IT OPEN SOURCE. Please mac, lifeless, WHOEVERES IDEA THIS WAS. please dont do this. i dont want gmt to become just like every other gamemode. ok im a bit calm since i just made this post but im still having a panic attack. PLEASE. rethink this decision. GMT should not be like every other gamemode. The fact that there was only one server made it unique. ONE UNIFIED COMMUNITY. That was gmt at a whole. This will only fucking ruin things even more mac. Please dm me this is a horrible idea. ONE OF MY MAIN PROBLEMS WITH TU WOULD BE CAUSED BY THIS. I hate how in TU everything can be done straight from the menu without social interaction. I honestly would rather gmt die a slow death than this. If i wake up tomorrow and see 50 gmt lobbies i’ve completely lost hope in gmt ever being good again.

edit: read below i’ve sort of changed my mind after seeing a lot of opinions.




I cannot see a possible reason to make GMT open source when it was theirs entirely. They shut it down to make a successor, why run into a speed bump then just release it publicly the week you were going to host an official one. Not shitting on the developers, just don’t like the decision.

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Reasons. :upside_down_face:

i can see it already:


guys please don’t do this for the love of god

I have no problem with GMT being rehosted by a different team (with official content, and staying true to the original, keep in mind), but there’s going to be so much utter shit funneled into this gamemode which will absolutely destroy the reputation you guys have built up for it.

I completely understand that people want to be able to play it, but people are going to take advantage of every little thing they can, including donations.

at least wait until the event is over to open source please


After reading some people’s complaints, both here and on the Discord, I’m starting to sway towards the side of agreeing the source shouldn’t be released. It’s a surprisingly difficult thing to argue, even in my head the ways this could pull out, but that being said I think a lot of people are freaking out and blowing things out of proportion when they should be discussed in a much more calm and collected manner.
I think now and after hearing some arguments that although it would allow people to play GMT again, it would not be good for the community and would put an even bigger rift in the community (affecting TU as well) than already existed. It would mean that people will be split off between playing TU and GMT, newcombers might be more interested in playing GMT servers than the official game, etc.
And as said above yes, although it’d be known as a separate thing it’d really hurt the reputation GMT has brought itself instead of it being left alone in a state that is acknowledged as a really good, controlled game mode that was shut down to be the building blocks of TU.
Basically, that something like this would harm GMT’s image and TU’s community in ways that we might not be able to predict yet, and whether it would have a small or big impact is not really something that can be told yet it wouldn’t be a good idea.
Although, can we all remember that the devs are not horrible people for this or that they need to immediately revoke their decision. As Socks said on the Discord, “this was obviously not a decision they made overnight and won’t be revoked overnight either”. They obviously considered things in making this call and it’s new ground for them that has not been broken yet. Decisions are going to be made, and although not everyone will agree we need to be calm in arguing about these things because they are people too.
Edit: Sorry if some of this is a bit confusing to read, trying to put my ideas out there but still processing it at the same time is an interesting thing.


This is so shitty of y’all. Honestly. Not even going open source, but taking down and ruining a community and the hard work of another person just to turn around and make it all for nothing. Shame on y’all.


Are you referring to the developers or those complaining about the developers? How are those in the TU community upset about this new debate ruining a community?

I’m referring to the devs, mainly Mac. This entire situation has been poorly handled. The community I’m referring to is the group that was playing on that server. But it’s had its toll here too.


There is a lot of misconception regarding the GMT clones and people need to understand that 9 times out of 10 almost every member associated with these “GMT Classic” servers are people that fucking DESPISE tower unite and mac. Their discord are full of shit talking and petty shit they couldn’t let go of, why you might ask? Probably because they were fucking annoying people to begin with, people that have been previously banned from GMT or fired that just want to spite the fuck out of mac for not letting them get their way.

To think that these clones were hosted out of true nostalgia is fucking stupid. These were hosted by people who hated tower and wanted to annoy and piss off mac.

I think releasing the source code would be a disaster as you would be crushing a legacy and damaging tower unite’s image as well. Gmod has a pretty awful community right now after the whole facepunch drama and well if you want to see how entitled those people are go look at the knockout thread of people shaming mac for protecting his work, they’re extremely entitled and believing anything negative they see.

By the way, there’s a certain “EX DEVELOPER” from gmt named ognik that people need to know about, lets see. He defended a pedophile in lobby 1 who was preying on any under-aged girl he heard/saw in GMT by giving them exclusive events and making them win the “random lotteries” all the time for him to then spend HOURS with them in his suite alone after the fact. This quite fucking clearly upset mac and others because it’s PEDOPHILIA. So mac banned him and ogniK freaked the fuck out because the person was his friend and so ognik progressively turned into a larger and large asshole over time, he gave his girlfriend in GMT special privilege fucking constantly.

So fast forward to after ognik was “fired” (he claims he quit to save face) and he held this grudge against mac for years, leading to him sending mac and his wife a DEATH THREAT because they were both going to be at the same convention soon. Still think ogniK is a trustworthy and good person in this? He hates mac with an extreme passion and has been seeking to fuck him over in any way for the past like 5 years, it’s pathetic.

There are so many fucking two faced people on these forums as well I could make a long list of that completely pussy out and act like TU is great here but in those GMT classic discords they talk shit about tower and their developers all the time. You people are pathetic pussies.

Believe what you want because I have no reason or gain from lying about this, this is strictly my POV and opinions from being around GMT and towers community overall the past few years and I was directly involved with some of these events such as the ognik thing, but just remember, stolen code is stolen code, you wouldn’t like it if it happened to you and your hard work.


Seems like you’d enjoy seeing the community rot considering some of the shit you spew in those GMT classic servers :wink: keep acting like you’re a fan, someday people are gonna see through your shitty little facade


I don’t see how shutting a community down, realizing that might not have been a good idea, and then allowing them to re-open it is a bad thing.


I assure you I’m not here to start trouble but I just want to comment quickly.
I’m really disappointed to hear through the grape vine about false rumors and all the drama that lead to this. In my personal opinion this could have been talked out in a civil manner, but people want Gmod Tower so badly and are willing to go to such lengths to get it. Attacking the team that made the game mode, and talking about it as if it’s their own.
For all we know after the anniversary, they could have hosted it officially themselves longer, but instead the devs got harassed and got distracted from the game they’re supposed to be making.
At least now people can have their beloved Gmod Tower, despite whatever measures it took for them to finally attain it.

Anyways, I’d just really like all of this Gmod Tower drama to go away. I just want to be able to enjoy video games for what they’re worth instead of all of this nonsense.


That is really reductive of the situation. Also, what do you think is gonna happen now? Everything is about to get real diluted real fast.

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jesus guys, this is pretty much the reason the discord server was deleted

nice job on overreacting :clap:


I’ve been pretty blind to most of the drama that’s happened before this and it really shocks me to hear about what people have done and said about GMT and the devs but can we like…
Can we sit back and acknowledge that GMT is a fucking game?
I fail to see why so many people are being such incredible assholes about the status of GMT. Not about this decision, not about any single previous one, but in a general sense. Regarding GMT since it was shut down, and even what happened before it was shut down. We’re talking about a goddamn GMod Tower Game Mode aren’t we? People need to chill out about this and consider what they’re getting enraged over. I’m not going to say what side I’m on in this argument because I don’t want to continue to contribute to what has become a garbage fire of personal insults and pure disrespect for anything the devs have done or the considerations other people have made. Not saying I haven’t made my own bad choices in what I say in the past, but like god damn.
This is ridiculous.