GMod Tower Open Source

ok im a bit calmer now. i still dont think this is the best outcome, but whatever i guess, this could go good.


While I get everybody’s concerns, here’s what I think.

Open-sourcing the code clears up a lot of difficult hurdles for Mac and the rest of the team. Every time one of these GMT clones shows up, it ends up distracting away from the development of Tower Unite and it can end up costing money to file lawsuits in court too if it gets to that point. By open-sourcing the code, people can at least enjoy the GMT experience for their own personal selves and Mac and the rest of Pixeltail doesn’t have to screw with this shit anymore and can continue working on Tower Unite, which has already surpassed GMT in a number of ways. The code wont be updated or maintained, as noted before in the reunion post, which eventually will lead to it breaking because source is made of goddamn rotten spaghetti, and the GMT clones will eventually die out once that begins to happen.

Personally I would like the source myself so I can study it and the design, since I am an upcoming university student with a digital design major, and I am glad Lifeless and Pixeltail are even doing the reunion event at all because its a big opportunity for me to really see the work that went into GMT and learn from it.

I wasn’t part of the GMT community until after TU came around, so I have no personal qualms and I will respect Pixeltail’s decisions regardless of what is done. Call me whatever you want, but I’m not personally affected by any of this announcement.


Maybe calm down a TEENY bit. What’s done is done, no need to be overly angry about this, or people, or anything in general. :slightly_smiling_face:

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"Oh, nice, GMT is more or less coming back. Cool! I’ll get to play around with PVP and classic UCH again, meet with some old friends and hang out in the classic lobby like the good old days, maybe even archive some of the old maps and music and shit for posterity’s sake aaaaand the whole community is on fire.

I’m gonna go take a nap."


My point of view is coming from someone who practically lived on GMT during the lobby 1 days and I’ve seen both communities, GMT had a community unlike any other and that’s what I want to remember it for. The GMT classic community was a SHITLOAD of pathetic people who wanted to spite TU because they were either banned for being idiots or their friends were and they were told “hurr mac bad just trust me fam”. GMT can’t be replicated because of the social community it had before and to be honest I even had my doubts about the reunion thing because it would be full of people saying “wow this is so much better why does TU even exist??” instead of people having fun and enjoying themselves like GMT always was. GMT closed at a stagnant point and a proper point imo.

The benefits of not having to worry about it being cloned again though may heavily outweigh its legacy but at the end of the day I suppose it’s up to them more than it is me or anyone else.


You haven’t been dealing with seeing one of your best friends berated and slammed for lies for the past 3 years. I’m sick of people spreading horse shit lies about mac.


I feel ya, but it’s better to calmly explain things, people listen more that way.

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this post alone proves my points about GMT classic communities by the way, in case anyone wanted a citation.


I’ve been a pretty active part of these forums for quite a while now. I honestly would love or TU to succeed, and I think I’ve been clear on that. But that doesn’t mean I have to blindly love the dev team or agree with every decision they make.
Got any examples of that “shit I spew” by the way?


I do understand your point and I agree with it. All I’m saying is I’m pretty sure Mac and everybody at Pixeltail is just tired of screwing with people like that on a regular basis and I feel like this is just going to lighten the load quite a bit on Pixeltail since they don’t have to keep dealing with clones.

Clones are evil, but they’ll eventually die, because they’re clones. All clones do.


That’s not at all what I’m saying you should do. Don’t try twisting my words to make yourself look better. You have been directly involved with several GMT classic projects and said some pretty nasty shit in their servers.

I do see the light in that yeah, it’s just that I fear this is going to give others a very bad impression of GMT if they join some dank anime tiddy hellscape full of admin abusing monkeys. Though again the benefits of not having to worry about GMT again may outweigh it’s legacy, I just don’t personally want it that way.

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i know this is unrelated, but was the discord actually removed, or was i just kicked or banned for some reason

Discord’s still up

then why was i kicked/banned? Can’t really think about any reasons as to why, either than talking off topic in tower-unite since public was currently a dumpster fire

Do you have any examples of the “nasty shit” I’ve said? I’m interested to see. And yes, I have been involved, because not only do I love GMT and the experience those projects delivered but also because my main PC can’t even run Tower Unite. Even if it could, TU doesn’t have everything that GMT once did, just as GMT doesn’t have everything Tower Unite has now.
Also, I’m not sure about “directly involved with multiple GMT classic projects”. The only one I have been directly involved with was Robo’s, mostly as a mapper but also as a mod.
Again, would love to see some of the things you think I’ve said are so bad, rather than making things up to try and discredit me.

check an invite to see if you were truely banned or some shit i dont think you had any reason to be removed

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I really don’t know what to think about all of this. I think it’s good that they’re letting people do whatever they want with GMod Tower, but all of the shit the unofficial GMT server community had to do to make the devs bring it back is awful.

I understand people miss GMT, but that’s not a good enough reason to send the devs death threats because they decided to make their own game and didn’t want people bringing back the mode they made and explicitly said not to rehost.


i checked the invite, i was banned, no reason that i know of

Hey Prod, do you just happen to hate literally everyone who just plays on another server?


Reading this thread has made me feel like I’m watching this entire community fall apart right before my very eyes…