My thoughts on all the bullshit that happened today

Well, that’s pretty accurate

“Whoa! I can’t believe they’re releasing GMod Tower’s code, to everybody, for free! I wonder what people are saying about this!”








That thread was thankfully locked. If it was left open for any longer, it would’ve gotten worse.

I’m lost, what’s this about?
edit: nvm found it

Remember kids, don’t start a project out of spite.

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developers are considering releasing the gmod tower source code to all, resulting in a massive flame war on the thread which ended up in the thread being locked.


personally, i’m in support of it as it’s far better than letting the gamemode rot on a hard drive for all eternity, let the community have fun with gmod tower and it can also be a useful advertisement for tower unite


Regardless of your stance of GMT becoming open source, the amount of hostility in that thread is absolutely ridiculous. It’s kind of disgraceful, imo.

At least we have the official anniversary reunion coming up, right guys?

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let’s just forget that this every happened, guys!

gets sleep paralysis


how do you go from “hey y’all we’re gonna be releasing this mode open source for everyone :)” to fucking THIS

i just… this is just peak fucking internet.

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you do realise flagging my post will only make people more intrigued
to see what it is, right?

i didn’t flag it whachu talking about willis

also i HEAVILY doubt that entire post

ah, someone did though, massive L to that person.

What makes you doubt it exactly?

two main reasons

  1. any callout post on the internet should be taken with a mountain of salt
  2. why would all of this info be revealed only NOW, after a controversial decision that might get some people to want to damage the developers’ reputation?

It’s funny how when I go to sleep the most notable thing on the forums is a minecraft song parody thread and when I wake up the community is in shambles. This prodigalist fella reminds me a lot of our old pal Marki…

Has there been any official statement on this? Also why was this flagged?

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Can we not make this another GMT open source announcement post?


nah, macdguy continues to censor any word on this, someone posted on the steam community about this and mac took it down

to the point where i have to serp e r a t e links, fucking separate links to prove my fucking point.

if i was just a developer, trying to make the community happy, and people were spreading word about me doing shit like this, i’d be unhappy too, dipshit.

At the moment there isn’t anything to back this up so I’m going to keep my nose out of it. Though they really should make some sort of comment on this instead of sticking their head in the sand.