An Update on the Status of GMod Tower: Reunion and GMod Tower Source Code

Hello PixelTail Games community,

This is an update on the current state of GMod Tower: Reunion and the release of GMod Tower’s source code, which were previously discussed here (Reunion) and here (Open Source).

As you may have noticed, GMod Tower: Reunion is not ready yet. There have been many technical errors that are hindering the process of setting up the event. These major issues are tied to the original transition from Lobby 1 to Lobby 2 back in 2015, during which much core code was changed and has to be carefully reverted back, while also ensuring the code is compatible with each Lobby. The issues are being addressed, but this takes a significant amount of time.

Unfortunately, this means that there is no estimated release date for Reunion, but please know that it is being worked on to the fullest extent of our abilities while not interfering with the development of Tower Unite. We appreciate the community’s patience while this project is being worked on, and we do have some updates on how we are currently planning the Reunion event as opposed to the original plan.

When GMod Tower: Reunion goes live, it will have one server for everyone to join. We have decided against requiring players to have a copy of Tower Unite to play Reunion. As of right now, we plan for the Reunion event to run throughout Tower Unite’s Early Access period, allowing players to have an extended time to experience GMod Tower once again as hosted by PixelTail Games.

To be clear, GMod Tower is being presented as it was before 2015, featuring Lobby 1. There will be no additional maps, bug fixes, or other developments on GMod Tower besides adjustments that will allow the game to run properly as it was. Tower Unite is our focus and all of our development efforts will be spent there.

In regard to the GMod Tower source code release, while we are committed to open-sourcing the code for GMod Tower, we have decided after much discussion amongst our team to wait until after the Early Access period of Tower Unite to release that code. The current plan is that this later source code release will contain the code necessary for running GMod Tower’s Lobby 1 and Lobby 2, fixes from GMod Tower: Reunion, along with the database schema required for the MySQL database.

In the meantime, we will continue developing Tower Unite and ensuring that the eventual GMod Tower source code release goes smoothly, such as by carefully drawing up a clearly defined license for the code and distinguishing assets that will not be open-sourced.

There will be another update on Reunion closer to Reunion’s release. We will also update the original Reunion post to include this information.

Thank you all again for your patience,

All of us here at PixelTail Games


Love you guys. Thanks for all the hard work!


Keep on fraggin’ man


I can only imagine the dark rituals performed in the dev voice room for all this promising news as of late. Those rituals also presumably covering a year+ of hosting costs.

You guys are knocking it out of the park lately, and dissuading any concerns involving GMT and its comparison to Tower Unite.

Don’t strain yourselves! :hearts::hearts::hearts:


It’s good to see a solid plan put forward, and it all makes sense to me. Here’s to hoping that getting everything working again isn’t a total nightmare! :+1:


I’m liking these changes, i think it will serve as a good transition between people who love GMTower whi havent played tower unite.

Sounds good to me! Y’all have done excellent work on everything here, and I can’t wait for the Reunion event! I look forward to the day that TU leaves early access. Much celebration will be had.

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Sounds good to me as well. I think it’s a wise choice to wait until after tu is fully out for gmt’s source code publication. I wasn’t expecting reunion to last until tu is out of early access though, that’s getting me even more excited.

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Celebrating Tower Unite’s release with the end of GMod Tower Reunion.
Talk about Deja vu.

You can do it Devs! Squash those nasty Source Engine bugs!


I think that it is a good decision on my part for PixelTail to keep GMod Tower open until Tower Unite leaves EA.

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Both of these statements are great. I can finally add more time to my GMOD hours (2nd most played on steam account), and continue looking forward to features like Arcade on the TU side.

does this mean we’ll be able to play gmt reunion up until tu gets out of early access?

Yes, that is the plan.




Take your time. I’ll be waiting. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait!!

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fanfuckingtastic. see yall in the tower



Looks like I didn’t miss anything important. Can’t wait to get back home from vacation!

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once the GMT server is up, it will be up till the end of TU Early Access
the GMT source code wont be released till the end of TU Early Access


So when does the TU Early Access end? Because all I’m waiting for is the opensource GMT