First Batch of Merch Designs Available

Hey all!

We are pleased to announce that our RedBubble store has opened up today, and we are now selling some Tower Unite merchandise!

Check it out here!

The designs, which we’ve based on your suggestions, should come up as available on t-shirts and hoodies. We’ve made some available on other items like stickers and tote bags as well, if you want to try searching through those.

Items Available:

  • Shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies
  • Stickers
  • Mugs
  • Coasters
  • Pillows
  • Phone Cases

Tips on using Redbubble:

  • Go to the store page.
    how to storefront
  • Use the filter to search for the design style you want.
    • Ex: If you want a hoodie, click “Clothing” then “Sweatshirts & Hoodies.”
  • Click on the available design.
  • If you like the default design, check the color options in the bottom right of the preview image!
  • If you want a different design, scroll down the page to the section titled “Also available on”
  • This section will allow you to search through different designs.

We’ve worked on and proposed some more complex designs based on the merch suggestions thread, but we wanted to get these simpler ones out now and see if you guys are happy with them before proceeding.

If you buy anything, please let us know your thoughts on it in this thread! We want to listen to you all and make sure you’re getting something of quality.

If you need help with your order, RedBubble’s help page is found here:

If you want to suggest something for merch, check out our merch suggestion thread: Official Tower Unite Merch Suggestion Thread

Thanks again for your patience, and we are excited to hear your thoughts,

PixelTail Games <3


This is so nice!
You guys are really awesome!


i’m not seeing the catsack hoodie, am I just blind?

It’s a bit confusing, but check out the tips I wrote out in the post. You’ll need to look at the default sweatshirt design and then scroll down to see the other options like hoodies.

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I think the canvas not set design is absolutely perfect for merch. Really glad you guys did that one :slight_smile:


oh wow these designs are all great (still waiting for a milk carton one though lol)

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I can’t see the catsack pillow?

i can’t express how proud i am for you guys to finally release merch, i’m excited to see more designs in the meantime, keep it up <3


would it be possible to have purple as a optional color for the catsack stuff? particularly the hoodie :heart_eyes_cat:

It’s under home decor.


I cannot wait for it to get it!


Awesome! Going to place an order tonight. All the designs look nice and clean, great work!


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I bought a few things!
I hope this site supports you guys decently, paying £10 for a mug makes me feel like I have been mugged :smiley: The items are expensive but as long as the developers are being supported then I’m happy to splash out a bit. Keep adding new things!


Imagine 4 people hanging out like this


Merchandise has been a long time coming. Can’t believe it’s finally available! One pullover hoodie ordered.

I’m really looking forward to this. :yum: :purple_heart:



to hell with it I’m saving up my money Screenshot_20200214-222242|296x500


Alright Boys, merch inbound! Good job getting this up so quickly, the designs are simplistic and great. This is my first time ordering from Redbubble, so I’m excited to see how the quality is. I’ll post feedback when the items arrive.

It was tough choosing the Tower Unite Logo color for the hoodie, white contrasts better but I love that classic light blue color. Those pillows are going to look great on my couch!

Initial feedback:

  • Give me a sticker option for the Tower Unite logo, with or without text. I’d slap that on anything.

  • Man I want a baseball cap with the tower logo on it, but I don’t think Redbubble does hats.

  • Thank you for the guide, the Redbubble site is not exactly intuitive at first.

  • The “Canvas Not Set” design is obviously ideal for the canvas print option, but the canvas print option wraps around the edge, cutting off the dotted outline and making it inaccurate. Atleast that’s how it appears in the previews, I don’t think you guys have much control over this. Also, again probably out of your control, that price is so dang high. I’d order a 16 x 16 or a 20 x 20 if it wasn’t around $100. I’d hang one up in a heartbeat if it weren’t for the price. I have no frame of reference for the average price of canvas prints

I’m excited to see this expand, definitely a good first batch of designs.


Ok so I don’t dislike catsacks or the design. But some of us women with larger chest sizes and shapes… I mean… I legit can’t even imagine wearing that seriously :frowning:

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Overview of everything, because the website is a mess:
(won’t show you everything at once, or even everything from a single category, you have to scavenge through all the sub-categories, hall of which are empty)

EDIT: Alright, turns out I’m somewhat wrong. The list I’ve made is pretty much a list of all the options you can get to by browsing the different categories. However, you can get the designs on different items (cough cough, catsack hoodie) on more items using the “also available on” category.