Condo Design Suggestions Megathread


Minigame condo. Each room has a minigame theme perhaps like windows that open up into a tiny minigame map room (not accessible) and maybe a tiny ballrace course that players can play on (no unit payout) I like the idea of just messing around with a little bit of ballrace in my condo (ofc no placement on the course xD)


Condo is living place, not gallery.


A condo is whatever you make of it. If someone wants to make their condo something that isn’t a living space (for example, an amazing adventure minigame) I don’t see any reason to limit them.


How about a medieval hamlet village. It would have 4 buildings, each with a difference. Each of these buildings/terrain will be in a different paragraph

The terrain will be a little hilly, the entrance to the small village will be made of a wood fence, with a simple sign on top saying “Welcome to Hamelton!” The road will be a simple dirt road leading a a middle sort of “town square” with a statue of the cat in shining armor, and a well that leads to a tiny dirt room with water covering half the room. There will also be a merchant cart in the town square. There will be 3 buildings surrounding the town square, a simple 2 story old english house, a longer 2 story inn with a basement, and a sort of small chapel . There will be another road leading to the top of a hill with a more wealthy house with a small courtyard and an extra small house for the “servents”. The surrounding texture will be a sort of hilly farmland and a castle in the distance. The condo will be maybe 500k units

The house will be a simple 2 story house thats a little longer than the height. When you walk in, there is a hallways with 4 doorways, and a stairway to the 2nd floor. In the first left doorway will be a room thats thin and long, this is meant to be the dining room. There will be a doorway at the end of the room that will lead to the kitchen, where it will have an old stove, and long counters. This will be the 2nd room on the left, which also has a door leading into. In the first right door, it will be the same size as the 2nd right room, which will simply have a fireplace, which is meant to be a living room. There will be no door leading from there into there, but only from the hallway, which will have a nice carpet rug and a few bookcases, which will be a library. Going up to the 2nd floor, there will only be 3 rooms. When you get up, there will be a hallway slightly bigger than the hallway downstairs, with a window at the end. On the right, there will be a larger room, with an openable dresser which you can walk in, which will teleport you to a small snowy room (Narnia reference) and a door back to the master bedroom. On the left, there will be 2 rooms that are both equally sized, those are suppose to be other bedrooms. With that, there is nothing else in the house

The inn will be roughly the size of the house, except a little longer, and with one of those chain signs outside with a mug on it. The entrance will lead to a room that is 3/4 the size of the first floor. It will be empty, except for a bar counter, a door to the kitchen, stairs behind the counter, and a hatch behind the counter to the basement. The kitchen will roughly be the same as the house, except there will be some cauldrons and pots on the stove that is overflowing. The big “tavern” room will have a few windows that allows you to look outside to the town square. If you enter the basement, there will be a large dank cellar with some barrels tied together and a large brewery that automatically gets you drunk. Onto the 2nd floor there are 5 rooms, 2 doors on each side, and 1 larger room at the end. The 4 doors on the left and right side will be simple cells that can fit a bed and a dresser. They will have a simple oval carpet, and a window to look out each side. At the end of the hallway, the big room will have a fireplace, an ordinary dresser, sadly, and a bigger oval carpet. That concludes the inn

The church will be entirely made of stone brick, with 4 colored windows, each representing Virus, Ball race, minigolf, and crusaders. It will have a long carpet leading to an altar that has a customizable book. there will be a ladder which you can click on that will take you to a tower on top of the chapel with a bell that you can ring. That will simply conclude the church


The way into the manor will be a stone brick fence, with a long courtyard that has bushes following the manor and rose patches everywhere symmetrical. There will be a simple hedge maze that has a skeleton somewhere in the middle of the maze. The servants room will be a simple large shed that has a window that leads to a pond. The main house will be impressive. There is a large room that it leads to with a chandelier in the middle, and royal paintings around the room. There will be 4 rooms that aren’t connected to eachother, but are connected to the large room. The first one on the left will be a kitchen with stone tabletops and a full suckled pig on the tabletop as well. Other than that, it will be simple. The first to the right will be a storage room that has a dank stone floor, and a small stairway leading to a basement. In that basement, it will be like a wine cellar, with a caged doorway leading to a room full of gold, gold! GOLD! but the gold is useless, as every single gold coin is glues to eachother, which is glued to the floor. The first right room will be a sort of “entertainment” room with a fireplace with a mantle over it. It will also have a nice purple carpet on the floor, and a simple royal tune, with a kinda harpsichord tune. The 2nd room to the right will have stairways into the 2nd floor, as well as a skinny ditch with light blue water surrounding, kinda like its MAGIC! On the 2nd floor, there are 3 rooms. The first room to the LEFT will be a simple armory, with weapons attached to the walls. Maybe if you add this to an update, add some weapon racks and a training dummy, those would go well with the theme. The 2nd room on the left is a luxurious guest room, simple, but small. There is one of those planter boxes outside of the window of that room. Other than that, there is nothing else to that room. The last room will take about half of the 2nd floor up, which is the royal bedroom. It will have a plush purple rug, a stone fireplace, and a ladder to an extra tower-y part of the house. In the master bedroom, there will be a door to a balcony, to watch the peasants in the morning and laugh! The ladder leads to a simple shoddy room that is a storage room. Theres dust particles occasionally, and a small window that only gives light to a small amount of the room. this will be about 1/4 the length of the house.

This concludes my idea, please add it, it took me about an hour to write it up and plan it, and its a solid plan. (also, if it would be so kind, could you provide me with a free copy of that house if you decide to add this particular concept, my steam is “The General Nobody Knew”)

Thank you, Pixeltail games for this game, and hope for a successful game!


how did you get a planning thing like that? It would work well with my idea?


looked up a picture online


I have never said I disallow someone to build whatever they want, for me idea of shopping mall ‘condo’ seems useless, imagine price for smallest possible shopping mall (at least triple price of house condo) + how many people would actually like to have one big shopping mall without items available to buy that would fit.

If I’ve wanted to visit shopping mall, I’d go to plaza which already feels empty.


A ginger bread house


A tiki hut like house

A house with its own natural waterfall

A Giant tree house

And a house thats built into a cliff


Condo ideas that popped into my head 5 minutes prior to writing this:

  • The house from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
  • A dark alleyway on a busy street.
  • an old bar/pub.
  • world famous landmarks that the wonderful community to improve or deface in any way and every way possible.
  • Area 51
  • Desert wasteland


I want the apartment room from Elevator: Source.


I dont know if this has been said before but what about rat maps? Rat maps are basicly giant maps which are meant to make you feel like your a rat in terms of size. One such example would be the toy room in little crusaders.


@Lifeless once made a rat map for Gmod.
He called it Supersize Room.


I’m thinking of a special island setting, much like the South Pacific or Polynesian cultural locations. For the main house, I would say make a bamboo structure with elevated construction, multiple stairway entrances, and bridge walkways between different extensions of the structure, with LOTS of torches that would automatically fire up when the night cycle begins. These torches should be able to be changed into any color the condo owner desires. The central room of this home must also have a giant circular bonfire in the middle, also colorable, as this symbolizes the “life source” of the actual building, which will also light up with the torches. Here is a rough picture of something not to scale of what I would like:

The condo should also have several different dream beach settings with smaller bamboo hut-like buildings for either guest homes or even the occasional camping trip once in a while! These camps must also have a smaller, makeshift firepit each, to give a sense of light at night. Potentially a survival experience, if you say. Also explorable on these beaches is the local forests, scattered with palm trees, banana plants, coconut trees, and even the occasional tiki statue or decorative figurines stashed in hidden locations all across the island(s)!

As for the water? Crystal clear, small waves visible, and small fish swimming in it a few meters away from shore.

Here are some good examples, but I’m sure the creative minds of PixelTail Games will make their own beautiful island beach designs themselves, because they’re so talented!


This would be kind of cool!


Small apartment in New York (Like highrise but smaller without [or with a small] roof)…


A Sci-Fi spaceship/shuttle :smiley:
like these from star wars



I’m thinking like an airship condo kinda thing with a plane or airship in the sky, like Just Cause 2’s Mile High Club but without the club stuff and without the runway for planes, just make it like a luxury apartment or something.


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A Moonbase condo

A small little base with a retro futurism style with rooms that have windows to the outside of space, and one big dome room. Airlock doors also around the place leading to a big lunar surface area to play around on. To top it off, the ability to enable and disable lunar gravity in certain areas, allowing for some fun. A little place to make your own lunar colony, or your own personal Moon Vacation Home.

If the Moonbase condo is added, there should be some space themed items added with it, like spacesuits, bubble helmets, ray guns, all that fun stuff.