Condo Design Suggestions Megathread


Post your design ideas for condos for the developers to implement into the game here. They can be as simple as a concept or a couple basic sketches, to as complex as a full scale floor-plan, detailed drawings or renders, or even a design thesis for the condo. Happy suggesting!

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Space Station House
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New condo

a condo ontop of the tower in the lobby, its not used so why not


The innards of an office building, probably similar to the one in The Stanley Parable.


A really tiny studio apartment (perhaps one of the rooms in the tower overlooking the Plaza). It might be nice to have a super small condo so new players can still make a space feel lived in (as opposed to a single decorated room in an otherwise empty condo).

The One Unit Claustrophobia Condo

Lobby 1 Condo




a gigantic milk cult cathedral on a hughmungus rocky mountain overlooking a 400 foot tall milk statue made of dead humans


A New York penthouse suite or something that focuses a lot more on the interior of the building more than the exterior of it.


I would love this, especially with a balcony.


I’d love just a, ya know, regular house. The modern stuff is great but I think just a regular house would be kinda fun :slight_smile: Have bedrooms upstairs or something, kinda just build it like you would build a house :slight_smile:


Well you’ll be excited, because that’s pretty much what the new condo map is (just bigger horizontally, I guess):

I’d personally like some sort of house in a forest.


Oh right, I think I saw that :slight_smile:

Like, a cabin? That’d be kinda cool. I’d like to see a small stream or something you could walk over on a fallen log :stuck_out_tongue:



I actually really need this right now


@DignifiedPeach’s idea above sounds nice.

I was thinking something a bit like that, but surrounded by forests and foggy mountains like in this old piece of concept art for Life Is Strange.


A futuristic house floating in mid-air would be pretty cool.

Penthouse Condo

a log cabin


Some house on a mountain, but just a modern house.


Hobbit hole kind of thing.


other than the plaza tower having a condo ontop i want a caravan condo aswell


Oh, and to make it original, they could switch the first letters of Hobbit Hole so that it would be a unique name!

wait a minute…


hobbie holt