Condo Design Suggestions Megathread


Sneaky tf2 pic


Wanted to Make another post here as I had another couple ideas for condos.

1.) Mountain Cabin

In the quiet serenity of the mountains, nothing says peace and quiet like a Oak wood Mountain Cabin that has a perfect view of the mountains while you party the night away with your loud city music. This Condo can be about the same size as the Suite or Art Studio with several trails for walking and a small grass outcropping overlooking the whole area. It would be a really nice Condo to have.

2.) Urban Jungle

A Suite-sized condo with an added loft Garden and a rooftop balcony that’s perfect for the modern condo enthusiast, This condo features a small indoor garden and a retractable sunroof, so you can easily lure all the endangered butterflies in the city and capture them for your bug collection. The addition of the rooftop balcony would be a nice area to have a bonfire pit and pergola to sit and watch the stars, or at least whatever ones you can see with all the urban light pollution.


I really want a condo on a mountain
here you have an idea:


Avast is giving me a malware positive for the second image in this post


I really want a place like Bowling Alley from PS Home. but smaller, without arcade cabinets (or with :wink:) and a little more empty and bland (for the sake of customization). Would work great for using as community hubs. And you can’t earn money in it from bowling and other mini-games. Cost: a lot Units.


An estate style thing, obviously would probably need to be smaller but would still look awesome


Something where this madness regularly happens.


I was thinking about a condo in those mountains you can see in most of the maps and imagined, “What if there was a condo there?”. What would be cool though, would be not a condo, but like a “more bumpy Smooth Dirt in the mountains” where its just a huge load of mountain space that you could explore or build stuff in so you wouldn’t be limited to a condo and the little space with it to build. Sort of like a better Smooth Dirt for maybe 100,000 units.


I would like one of those Jungle treehouses that are connected with bridges.


Maybe replace smooth dirt with the item playground map or just sell it for 15k units.


What about something resembling a Japanese home?

It could have some bamboo chutes for Nagashi-Sōmen.


I had a couple of ideas for condos that might be cool, perhaps. I thought maybe an airborne condo or suite that sorta hovers above a city or an ocean on, perhaps, a floating island or even just simply on a cloud would be pretty cool. Another idea I had was for possibly a condo that’s just location inside of an active volcano. I mean… this is Tower Unite and not real life, so homes like this would definitely not work in real life, but would definitely be right at home in a game as crazy and over the top as Tower Unite.


Catsack dimension. It’s a world full of catsacks, only obtainable from the almighty cosmic catsack.


Magic Door to Catsacklan. Great idea


a condo inside the tower how this would work is that when you look through the window you can see the plaza but your not in the plaza its like a seperate map


Why not see the plaza? With the new “Living Lobby” system, it can send every player’s whereabouts on a plaza map, all you have to do is make placeholder models appear on a smaller scale map in the distance. I think it would be really cool, and make a map like that feel really genuine.


I’m putting this on a new post to gauge interest vs. what I said last post.

I think we have enough “apartment”/small space condos. I’d love to have one a bit more open, but not empty. Seeing how many people use the house map to build outside it, I’d love a large forest-y area with a cabin in the middle, so that we can build things in the woods, like a paintball arena or something. Honestly I just want another condo that isn’t “cramped living” at a cheap price.


good idea


That sounds awesome!


can you make a condo in space and like in different planets and maybe like only specific people can get it or it should be expensive

if you are gonna make only specific people get it can i be one