Ability to Resell Condos

Ability to sell condos for half of what you bought them for If you dont like it. Good riddance underwater!!!

Requested before. Use the search function before posting.


What’s wrong with Underwater?


Maybe too much lags for someone?

Too big to decorate

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I like Underwater the way it is right now. It’s definitely not intended for people on a budget but if you’ve got enough units and ideas then you can make it work.

Instead of selling it try to build it over time and close off elevators for unfinished areas with builder panels. Just my 2 cents.

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Underwater is designed to be a shared Condo. So when the Community Condos feature comes out, friends can use the other buildings in it.


Underwater’s problem is more the curved walls everywhere and limitations of the rotation system. I adore the condo but it’s not easy to decorate right now (admittedly I am not the greatest decorator).

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