Minigame course - escaping myself (video)

Hey my name is Marcus (Karl Genocide or Mgproductions on the forums)
I’ve put together a video doing a run through of my multi-chapter minigame course,
it also contains a few suggestions for devs if they ever potentially check this out. I hope you enjoy.


i really like some of the suggestions in the video, being able to make minigames in condo’s and playing other people’s minigames would be a really nice addition to the game

you can check the trello ( ), to see if features you want are planned and look around the forums if things are already suggested (like teleporters), if not then you can make a suggestion thread suggesting some of the features you’d like added to the game and the devs will probably notice

That’s really neat. I have taken note of the suggestions in the video. Our end goal with the Condo is to have I/O support. Being able to hook items up with other items with logic, basically. When this feature is ready, you could connect buttons up to doors. But, we wanted to go more than that, so we have some pretty exciting Condo I/O logic stuff still to be announced.

As for items, I do want to add teleports, teleport pads, locked doors (enter keypad to walk through them), trigger volumes (with the ability to manage jetpacks, jumping, potions, gravity, etc.), moving platforms, death traps (spikes that kill), spawn points (override default spawn point), jump pads (like the ones in lobby already), and sound emitters.

And more crazy ideas that could come up in the future: mounted guns (when weapon prediction comes out), monster spawners (things to shoot at), racing checkpoints/finish line (for RC cars), water cubes, post process override volumes (make it spooky), levers, and variables (basically an item that stores a boolean or int for I/O purposes).

Keep in mind that it will be awhile for all these things to happen. Also, I wouldn’t call all those things officially planned, but don’t be surprised if they get added at some point (because I really want them).

I/O for Condo will really allow people to create crazy things in their Condos and the items above will give them the features to do those things.

Then when Condos have multiple people able to edit them… I can definitely see Condos drastically changing. Fun fact: the snapshot system was built with these ideas in mind, so people can build their chill Condo and swap to their more… interactive Condos.


Wow hi Macdguy, I really appreciate your response.
I figured you had probably already been aware of/thinking about the suggestions in my video.

Glad you liked it, feel free to share it/use it however you wish (if you so wish).

All of that sounds amazing and even seeing 50% of it implemented would be awesome. Your game is really ambitious.

I hope in the future you’ll also consider a donation system or some in game equivalent, currently the closest thing is people exploiting/throwing poker games and it’d be a lot nicer if there was something proper in place and I think a donation system would also really encourage people to focus more on their condos.

Since I have you here another point you’d also probably be aware of is it’d be nice if there was a more seamless way to go from condos to games and from condos to the plaza. (For instance, maybe stepping out of your front door comes up with a screen “do you want to go back to the plaza?” “Yes or No?” and selecting yes loads you back into the Plaza. or if you want to play a game you could set it up in your condo, wait in your condo (like a lobby) and have people join from inside your condo (similar to how it is in the plaza).

Anyways, wish you best of luck.


Sorry for the double post but especially the ability to have mounted guns and monster spawners with maybe breakable wood or something you could use to board yourself up sounds amazing. Water would also be a great addition, I tried making a level under the ocean in the condo and the level builder didn’t know what to do hehe.
Super excited and wish you best of luck again.

That’s something for @Agent2583

doors open day when??

Cheers thanks for mentioning me, I kinda made my own Finishing Line for RC Car. But I like the thinking @MacDGuy!

The new angle thing and connecting dots are seriously ingenious!!

Congratulations! =D