Condo Design Suggestions Megathread


What about a fallout shelter?
The inspiration I had in mind is something like from fallout 4 with the vaults. But due to copyright and instead they could be more based off more of a concret bunker style with an entrance coming out of a hill going down inside so you can have an open area on top to build on and place features while also having the building with long halls and uniform rooms down below.
Initially at first without customising, it would look old, abandoned and dirty, but then you can change the walls to look new, same for the flooring and then of course adding purpose to the rooms with items make it look less abandoned.


Lobby 1 needs to be a community condo. I’d use it all the time.


Since community condos are becoming a think I would love an apartment complex overlooking the plaza :smiley:


Similiar to the log cabin idea, but I’d love a treehouse condo in the middle of a forest!


How about a Synthwave/Retrowave Flatground map? Would cost something like, 1980 units.


abandoned lobby one


Soo… I want giant condos (such as lobby/plaza/giant hotel ph) and small condos (PH/Suite) but themed like a futuristic condo (Space, Future Hotel Room/Etc) or a wild west condo (Small Village/Old Style Bar) or even an actual time (2000’s) condo with a twist like a Log Cabin or a Super secret base with tons of hidden doors (In a wardrove or a hidden passage).


You guys should make a condo on moon. there would be a space station next to the condo and you can go outside explore the moon. also if you guys are going to make this you should add meteorites to the space and other stuff as well


Nuclear Bunker.

To protect us from mom of course.


Maybe 2 condos, one on the moon and the other in a space station


How about an evil lair style condo, like inside a cave or a volcano or something


It would also be cool if we can make our own condos via the workshop in the future.


While I’m not really a fan of massive condos, I feel like a shopping mall with a 90’s aesthetic would be fun. It should have planters, fountains, skylights, working escalators, and lots of empty stores for building stuff.


I’m not sure how that would work as a conventional condo, but something like that may work for a community condo with some Plasa-esque mechanics built into it…


When suggesting condos, then please think about how convenient it would be to build anything in it. The underwater condo has the issue that while it looks nice by the base structure, you can’t build pretty much anything in it due to its shape.


okay you can just say lobby one pal


Since this game is obviously still in dire need of small and cheap condos, I’d love to see the return of the Swaggy Cave as a small nod to those of us that have been active since the Alpha days.


I know I’m not the only one that wants some smaller/cozier condos.

I’m surprised no ones suggested a trailer home. Man, I’d love to see the That New Condo for this.


A trailer home could be cool if they add some kind of video (optionally) thar you could use to make appear that it’s moving


Hey, I remember that
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