August / September 2021 Art Contest!


Hey everyone! We’re hosting another Tower Unite art contest!

Entries are allowed until September 19, 2021 at 11:59PM CT.

Just like the Condo Contests, there will be a community vote for the winners!

Be sure to check out the prizes and follow the rules below.


  • 1st Place - 1,000,000 Units
  • 2nd Place - 500,000 Units
  • 3rd Place - 250,000 Units

We may also award participation prizes!


  • Submissions must be related to Tower Unite.
  • Keep it appropriate - no nudity, hate speech, etc.
  • You can submit a digital or physical drawing, an animation, something to do with video editing or motion graphics, poetry, etc.
  • EDIT (9/5/2021): If you submit multiple pieces of art, please keep your submission to one post, as all of your art will be judged as one entry.
  • Your entry must be something new and from scratch - you can’t submit something you started before this post was made.

Please include your Steam ID with your submission so we can reward you with the units if you win!

If you have any questions, send me a private message or respond to this post.

Also, here’s a link to last year’s contest, if you want an idea of what the art contests entail: Art Contest! [Aug/Sep 2019] [Results]


I think it would be awesome if the winners could be reused in the game somewhere (with permission) like for in-game billboards and painting details in the lobby


We’ve talked about some ideas for this type of thing, but I don’t think it would be something that would happen with this contest.

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One Player Left
Full Res.
I wanted to do a drawing of my favorite mini-game in Tower Unite and based it on the tense feeling of facing the Dragon alone when the rest of the players have been eaten.
Steam ID


So, my contest entry is a series of “What If (TV Opening sequence) But Also Tower Unite?” (I can’t come up with a good and catchy name for that, but this isn’t a “good and catchy name” contest, darn it!)

There’s going to be at least three (ed: nope. FOUR!) of these. Individual videos.


II. THE SOPRANOS (added 8/30/21)

You know what intro sequence no one ever parodies? The Sopranos. That’s a lie. What isn’t a lie is that I rewrote “Woke Up This Morning” (their theme song) into a pithy little parody about blowing all your tickets in the Arcade on stupid stuff.

It’s called “Whacked Moles This Morning” and I’m very, very proud.

III. DOWNTON ABBEY (added 9/13/21)

Darn right, folks, I ain’t ashamed of it. I’m an Abbeystan. I’m a Downton Head. Free Bates. Edith needs no man. Cora likes her orange juice and Lady Sybil’s death was a crime and a half. Anyway here’s your Tower Unite version. Please be kind - this is the dorkiest one and there’s a very cool one coming soon I promise.


The final part. That’s the ballgame, folks. Enjoy.

Steam ID: 76561198000067240


I’ve almost done an Accelerate artwork but it felt it didn’t fit with the tower unite theme and it was a bit complicated. So instead I’ve drawn one of the characters from the plaza and I choose Kalleria. She likes to sell potions (And Catsacks and Metal Detectors.), so I’ve drawn her finishing off her latest potion, which she has brewed and she’s just putting the final touches to it.

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Very nifty - and welcome to the forum!

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I drew my favorite place in Tower Unite - the Arcade. I wanted to convey the arcade vibes in this piece so I drew my and my boyfriend’s characters chilling B)

Full resolution:


One question guys i feel dumb but where to find my steam id?? google it or go to Steam Stats site??

You can use a website like or and paste your Steam profile link and it should spit out your Steam ID.

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Cat Sack with a Pearl Earring

I decided to do a parody painting featuring the beloved Cat Sack. I’m an rng enjoyer, so it is my homage to no one who screws me over better!
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Summer God is my favorite Tower Unite NPC, so for my entry I animated a small looping gif of him partying on the beach out by the lighthouse!
summer god rpdak 3
Here is a stand alone version of the Summer God dancing as well, as I think it makes a pretty fun gif on it’s own.

Steam ID


Noisestorm - Crab Rave [Monstercat Release] - YouTube
Im sorry I had to.


Don’t except to win but wanted to make a meme template so cobbled this together I call it “Its Milk Time”



Virus was the first game I 100% completed mainly to get the Super Shotgun item as I’m a big fan of Retro FPS games

So what about a Doom Parody Boxart featuring the Arcade Shopkeepers?



I found these lil’ guys when flying around The Plaza! :smiley:

I also created this!

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:27880907


Here is my artwork of my 3 favourite characters in the game. The sassy skeleton, the crane master and the hula doll. My goal was to get them all together in a sort of summer vibe. I hope you like it ^^


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Where can he be found? I haven’t ever realised his existence.

It’s a character depicted on Pluck A Pal in the arcade, and there’s a plushie of it.