Will there be a Elevator source mode like?

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You really need to use the search button. You’re 2 for 2 on reposts. This has been asked many times already. If I remember correctly, they said they’re considering it.


And you really need to learn how this forum works, when I created my first topic a message saids “A moderator will examine the post and need to approve it” something like this. In fact I created my topic like 5 minutes before the other one. A moderator took 5h to validate my post what the hell can I do? Jesus Christ this is what you get because you wanted to show support to a “small” dev team.

For this one yeah this is my bad, I should have searched this before.

Idk what’s your need to be a douch like this, I think not all people who plays Tower Unite are nice and friendly.

You’re the one freaking out because I forgot that new users have to have their posts verified. I’ve been on these forums for 3 years. I barely even remember being a new user. I didn’t insult you or anything. You’re the one calling me a douche and getting aggressive. All I said was to use the search. It’s one of the rules of this forum. You did and it hadn’t been posted, so you didn’t nothing wrong in that case. And yeah, you’re right, not all TU players are friendly and you’re definitely coming off as one of them.

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to us it looks like you’re just reposting other peoples stuff, and blowing up on someone for a misunderstanding.

i can tell

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Alright guys, we’re not going to get anywhere by being passive-aggressive with each other. I’m sure it was a misunderstanding, and we should just leave it at that.

@Arsouf just be sure to use the search function especially with questions and suggestions, many duplicate posts have been made over time and we’re doing our best to avoid making more of them.


Well said, Gryph.


please calm down guys, gals or whatever you identify as.
lets just have fun.
here look, copy me, does the whip… AND THE NAE NAE (how i do that, i dont know!?)
not gonna lie, that was indeed fun, wasn’t it!


Apache Attack Helicopter.

Anyway if you want to there’s a large amount of elevator source threads you can read through to see some of the fancy changes or implementation methods that have been suggested with it.

A large list of links

Incorporating upcoming minigames + current into a Mario Party style game?


"Elevator Source" in Tower Unite

Elevator: Source for Tower Unite?

Elevator: Source inspired game but every floor is a minigame

Elevator Source Port

Dedicate an Elevator based on Elevator: Source

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in my opinion, Littleluke was the one that stopped the arguing :wink:


and the one whom danced


In my opinion it was A_Blue_Gryphon and LittleLukes post was… not very constructive.

Discussions and arguing are no bad things. Not having them objectively is. And hugging it out doesn’t solve problems, in fact you know you’re doing it right when you can disagree with someone while it still feels like hugging them. That’s because you attack the ideas (with better ideas), not the person behind them. You know what happens when one poster starts to stop being nice? Others tell him that he stopped being nice and there’s a risk they accidentally say it in a way that is not nice either. And then others join in on the new topic of how the old topic derailed, while still in the same thread. And then the thread gets locked without results. But worst of all, at some point JohannesDau joins in and writes a wall of text and who wants THAT? So be excellent with each other while mercilessly nuking each others bad arguments and logical fallacies or I come in and write text!

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i can dance too


it was a joke. jesus

i still stopped the argument
because my opinion is the correct opinion

don’t do anything rash, okay?

put down the fortnite emote wheel.

don’t make any harsh decisions

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Not sure what I missed but I still feel silly.

I stand by what I wrote: Fear me writing walls of text. :cloud_with_lightning: