Elevator: Source for Tower Unite?

Elevator Unite

I would like to suggest that you consider bringing back Elevator Source but into Tower Unite i feel it would be very cool if we got a mode or something that brings back the classic gamemode like Elevator: Source, But redone to work with Tower Unite’s world, it would be very interesting you could even put it in the main lobby or the new community lobby 1 map.

I feel if brought back it could kindle even more fun times people had with it back on gmod but today,
but let me know what anyone else thinks about this idea.

thanks for reading!

Elevator: Source Go Check it out.

It’s been suggested before, remember the search function and all that jazz.


Well atleast i know the idea is strong in peoples hearts and im not just the only person to miss it as well.
if you like i can delete this post. dont wanna be a problem or annoying.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much, the whole “please use the search function” comes up A LOT on the forums just cause the devs don’t want to clog up with the same thing.

I actually made the elevator this weekend lol. Buttons take you to locations in my build. :slight_smile:



Now that’s epic.

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