"Elevator Source" in Tower Unite

Would anybody else like to see something where when you go in the elevator to your condo. Theres a chance it could stop at a floor which would open to something random. It’d be cool to “Elevator Source” to be incorporated into the game in some way. But it’d probably be better for a stretch goal.


This has already been suggested multiple times on this forum.

Whelp darn. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Check the date when people post this, m8

Speaking of Elevator: Source, I can imagine that somebody along the way might remake it for the Workshop. It really would be nice to see.

Damn that 8 month bump holy crap lol

I don’t see why we can’t have this somewhere, I mean it was made by Pixeltail…

Not like we have a lack of elevators to choose from… either in the tower, or by Pulse, or any I haven’t found yet…

maybe have one of the elevators marked ‘out of order’ and if you go in it you get some elevatorsource-esque thing