Elevator: Source inspired game but every floor is a minigame

Title speaks for it’s self, Since Elevator: Source, the notorious Elevator mod for G-mod created by Pixeltail (where you ride an elevator with your friends and experienced a hand full of randomized interactions from a selection of around 150ish different random encounters) I thought it would be a grand idea to implement it into TU, not just for the same of nostalgia, but RRMM and I got to talking in the discord server and they came up with the idea of “What iff every floor was a ONE MINUTE MINI-GAME??” Bless up. It would be cool for the elevator to end in a fun way like it use to, a hangout room for your friends (or something new and fresh to top it off?) That would honestly be the coolest thing. Who would want to see this fun idea become the next hot mini-game? VOTE NOW

This is a good idea, and could be a cool thing to replace the TBA gamemode

the only problem is, that it would take a whole lot of time, since every minigame is 1 minute and if theres 150 ish that would take even more time

now my idea was to add like a wario ware kinda theme to it, for example:

Touch The button! (a button will randomly spawn in the elevator and you have 5 seconds to push it
Emote! (quickly emote with any emote (this could also say a specific emote that you have to do)
Fight with swords (everyone gets teleported to a big room where you have to fight to the death)
Stop! (stand completely still and don’t do anything to win
this could be a cool idea, and would take less time to make


We’ve talked about a similar concept in the past but have nothing to announce.


I agree entirely, I had the a similar concept which I shared on the failure of a gamemode megathread I made a while ago.