Dedicate an Elevator based on Elevator: Source


I was playing Tower Unite and I had just used the elevator to the condos when I started thinking back on Elevator: Source.

I’m thinking it would be great if instead of a teleport to the condos, you have to wait in there like an actual elevator. Also, elevator music would appeal to a lot of people because of Elevator: Source and in general, it’s a well received concept.

Some might say “Why extend the time it takes just for elevator music and a reference?”. The reason is because it adds to the whole experience. When you walk somewhere or use the monorail (when it comes out), you don’t teleport. It takes time, like it does in real life.

Not only that, but it gives an opportunity for a few laughs. I play with my friends and I know we’d joke around a lot if we all took an elevator together. It would get crazy. And I don’t mean making a minute long ride, maybe just 10-30 seconds. It’s a small addition and it would be a great one to a lot of players, in my opinion.

I’d like to know everyone’s opinion, if perhaps I’m just caught in nostalgia or if anyone agrees with me.

EDIT: Thanks to the feedback, I’m able to make a suggestion that would please everyone. One elevator would be dedicated to a long-ish ride with elevator music and perhaps even the strange floors. It could be differentiated by a crooked door and broken lights that fix themselves once you enter or something of the sorts. Perhaps even include some strange floors like in Elevator: Source. This way, it’s an option for everyone to discover and enjoy, while still being able to take the quick way up by using a different elevator.

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well the tower and the condo lobby are not even connected (which is why they use teleportation) i think it would be just a waste of time honestly… ik you think its a good idea but you have to think that other players might find this annoying because its just a big time waster honestly… people are mostly in a hurry when they are in the lobby so idk why people suggest making things even slower

plus after like 2-3 trips through the elevator ik for a fact i would be annoyed if they made me wait 10-30 seconds

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Here’s an idea: In the arcade, have “Elevator Arcade” or whatever, and have that be a recreation of Elevator: Source.

I’m up for it! Add one teleport elevator for people who feel they are wasting time no matter what they do and the rest can be actual elevators.

They used to have awesome elevator music too which would occasionally make my day.

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Didn’t Elevator:Source also just Teleport you around the map?

Yes, but the elevator took about 30 seconds to teleport you, making it feel like an actual elevator ride.

I would love one of the elevators to be classed as a “slow” or “leisurely” elevator that would actually act like a real elevator. It would bring a bit more fun atmosphere to the plaza.

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it would make more sense if we had only 1 elevator that took 10-30 seconds long and the rest are normal

I think this is actually a pretty good idea depending on how it’s executed. As for the elevator itself, how about this:

All four condo elevators stay how they are, but a new one is added in the center right in the line of sight as you walk in, and it has a sign over it with a witty title. It’s also larger and has a fancier look to the doors than the rest.

As for what the elevator would be called, I’m not comical enough to think of one worth sharing.


Maybe one of the elevators could have crooked doors and no lights, but once you enter, it starts up and arrives at one of the elevator: source floors before reaching the condo floor. There could either be some of the classic floors from gmod or some new ones, because people would recognize the reference regardless. Anyone who doesn’t would still enjoy it in their own way.

This way, it’s an option instead of it being forced and there can be the bizarre floors.

Also, elevator: source uses teleportation as well. When you’re sitting in the elevator, it’s really just a static room and you get teleported to the floors that include the elevator and room. So in elevator source, there’s as many elevators as there are rooms, no motion at all. If you noclip through the map, you’ll understand. It’s an illusion, if you think about it but the goal is the presentation.

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A remake of Elevator: Source in Tower Unite would be really good due the fact that they planning to add Virtual Reality.

I’d think that would make it 10x more terrifying myself…