VAC Banned for nothing

I was just sitting in my condo, placing projector on ceiling. When I tried to connect on plaza it just gave me an error, later i found out VAC on my profile. Can I get unbanned smh?

From an older post: I got a undeserved VAC-Ban
And more information from Mac here: I still have a unjustified VAC-Ban

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Well, is there any way to unban account ingame like allow entering own condo?

Transfer data to another account, but I do not think that developers will want

If the devs dont want it, dont do it

We don’t manage VAC, but VAC does not issue out bans for no reason. Using any cheats will get you banned. We cannot remove the ban and we don’t tolerate cheating of any kind.


That’s kinda strange to Block forever Just for something running on PC, I didnt even get anything for Tower Unite by that

but does it do anything to any other game?

May I ask what programm it was that caused that VAC?

i bet you were x-raying in minecraft before you went on TU

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I didnt inject it anywhere, VAC Just founs it maybe