I still have a unjustified VAC-Ban


Dear Tower Unite Support,

I already wrote you that I got a VAC ban. It was now more than 14 days ago and nothing changed. I wanted to find hidden rooms/Eastereggs in Tower Unite and so I tried to teleport under the Map with Cheat Engine in an empty lobby. Nobody was harmed and nothing bad happened due this actions. I couldnt even teleport because the coords are not client side. First of all I cant play Tower Unite anymore and the VAC Ban even takes action in other games already. For example Rust. I highly supported Tower Unite before and even convinced some friends to buy it to play it with me. But now I am just sad. I know that you directly cant do anything against my VAC-Ban but I would highly appreciate if you write as well to Steam because I get no answer from them. That could already help me alot.

Greetings GrieferGamer


I’m pretty sure the tower team cannot do anything about a VAC ban, that’s all steam.

You;re gonna have to contact Valve support for this one


Already did several times. I think they dont even read topics related to “VAC-Bans” because I never get an answer. I think if a developer from the game writes Steam, the Steam support might read it.


This was answered last time. Pixeltail do not have any control over VAC bans, and Steam will not remove them from your account.


If you cheat, you get a ban. That’s how things work, there is nothing anyone can really do about it.


it is a 0.01% chance that you will get un-banned vac bans almost never get lifted and the devs have no power to help sorry but your probably going to be stuck with that vac ban forever


First off, this doesn’t belong in General.

You made a post already and we replied with it here:

Again, we don’t control VAC, we can’t reverse a VAC ban (we wouldn’t reverse a VAC ban either). There is no back-channel for us to talk about VAC bans to Valve.

VAC bans are simply out of our control.


Okay I Unserstand… I always followed EVERY update in Trello to keep myself updated but these days are gone for now unless I create another Steam Account. Now that I know that you cant do anything about my ban I have two questions. First, why does a game like this has not a own anticheat instead of VAC which should be more for competetive games in my opinion. Second question is, why do you not inform your players enough that your game is VAC secured for example in an info bar in the loading screen. I already heard of some other cases where Steam accounts got wiped in Tower unite because they left Cheat engine open because they thought that Tower Unite is NOT VAC secured. And the comment from you that you wouldnt delete my ban, even if you had the power to delete my VAC ban just makes me sad. It feels like you dont care about your players which I always thought you do. Maybe I am wrong… I dont know right now… Makes me feel like Trash…


Cheating is for me to get an advantage over other players. I just tried to hunt eastereggs in an empty lobby. I know that this might be forbidden anyways by steam, but I dont think that this makes me a cheater…


We use VAC because it’s the best anti-cheat and coding our own would take a lot of time and money.

We advertise the use of VAC on our store page.

We don’t tolerate cheating.


i’d love to see an example of this on official valve or just source games, because i can’t think of any


Google Images “VAC secured”, second hit.


oh of course there is that i totally forget lmao jeez but i meant more along the lines of games that have added it themselves