I got a undeserved VAC-Ban


My name is GrieferGamer and I play Tower Unite for about a half year right now. Yesterday I tried to find eastereggs and hidden stuff in your game and so I decided to play around with the coordinates. Noone was in the lobby and it was important for me that I harm noone and that I get no money or other stuff from it. I just searched for a way to teleport into closed Buildings to see if there was already something inside it, cause I really like the game and wanted to see if you got new progress. Unfortunately I wasnt able to teleport cause the location of the player is not client based. I accepted it and moved on playing normal. When I opened Steam today, I saw that I got VAC Banned for this. Really? I havent harmed anyone, or damaged anything and I havent even cheated in a real way. I am pretty depressed right now, and want you guys to ask if you could unban me, cause its my only Steam account and I dont want to loose it for this. Greetings GrieferGamer


Please contact Steam Support as we do not control VAC.

I still have a unjustified VAC-Ban

I hate to say it, but Valve probably won’t help at all, seeing as they have an unfairly strict no return policy when it comes to VAC, even if it was an accident or over something insanely minor that didn’t hurt anyone at all.


Okay thanks for the quick answer. You cant even control if I can join your lobbies? Hm thats sad but I think that I am just pretty unlucky and need to live with that.