Upgrade suggestions megathread!

Suggest items for the upcoming upgrades store here.

Please stick to this format.

Gameworld: [gameworld]

Item: [Item name here] [item property such as a ball shape, sonic shotgun, or a golf trail]

Description: [describes what the item looks like/ functionality.

In-game description: [this: image ]

Lets see some ideas!

Gameworld: Little Crusaders

Item: Cute Dragon eyes (Dragon Head)

Description: very cute eyes on the dragon that looks like it’s from a cartoon

In-game Description: You can’t Kill something that’s cute Right?


Gameworld: Virus

Item: Sonic shotgun

Description: Robs imports sonic shotgun (Robs imports themed sonic shotgun, the tubes act like they will in lobby3p2, with items flying around inside the tubes.)

In-game Description: Tell the zombies about the discounts!


Seeing as I already suggested the magic banana in the item suggestions I guess this would be kinda cool too

Gameworld:Ball Race

Cuboid (Melon Replacement)

Description: Replaces all melons in current ball race game with cuboids (I think they were recycled as the plaza spirits but with colour)

In-Game Description: ”Replace melons with an artifact from long ago”


actually a good idea, although they are not in the ballrace item section, i still would like to see these come out.

Mac liked the post I made about the magic banana so it could happen.


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I had maybe too many ideas so I just put them here.

Gameworld: Little Crusaders

Item: Anime Eyes (Dragon Head)

Description: The dragon has anime eyes.

In-game: Become Dragon-chan with these eyes.

Gameworld: Ball Race

Item: Banana Ball (Ball Shape)

Description: The ball race ball, but shaped like a banana.

In-game: Very radioactive.

Gameworld: Minigolf

Item: Ball Race Ball (Golf Ball Skin)

Description: Your playermodel in a Ball Race ball. Changing color would only change the colored half of the ball, and your playermodel starts running in the ball when you putt it. Ball Race upgrades could also maybe work with this.

In-game: It’s Ball Race, but not!

Gameworld: Minigolf

Item: Mushroom Cloud (HIO Effect)

Description: A large mushroom cloud.

In-game: Make your golf ball an atomic bomb.

Gameworld: Ball Race

Item: Survivor’s Shield (Ball Shape)

Description: The Survivor’s shield from ZM (the orange sphere combo power).

In-game: Kill zombies and race at the same time! Wow!

Gameworld: Virus

Item: Sawed Off Shotgun (Double Barrel Skin)

Description: A sawed off double barrel shotgun.

In-game: Replace your double barrel with a shorter one.

Gameworld: Little Crusaders

Item: Barbecue Outfit (Armor Skin)

Description: Turns the knights’ shirt into a Hawaiian flower shirt with an apron, shirt color changes with rank. The knight is always holding a barbecue stick (wouldn’t show up in first person). When you turn into a count, the apron goes on backwards (replaces the cape).

In-game: Kiss the cook.

Gameworld: Little Crusaders

Item: Wind-Up Key (Button Skin)

Description: Turns the dragon’s button into a blue wind-up key (similar to the concept art).

In-game: (I can’t think of a good description for this one)

Gameworld: Little Crusaders

Item: Pig Mask (Knight Helmet)

Description: A mask of a pig (like a birthday mask) put on the knight’s helmet.

In-game: Wow, a real Pigmask!

Gameworld: Minigolf

Item: Bowling Ball (Golf Ball Skin)

Description: Replaces the golf ball with a bowling ball. It would use the bowling ball you use in the plaza too (if you use a plasma bowling ball in plaza it would be plasma in golf too).

In-game: Strike!

Gameworld: Little Crusaders

Item: Fancy Ghost (Ghost Hat)

Description: Gives the ghost a top hat and a monocle.

In-game: This ghost is so fancy they would drink wine, if it didn’t fall through them.

Gameworld: Virus

Item: Mini-Nuke (TNT Skin)

Description: A small nuke that explodes into a mushroom cloud when an infected walks on it.

In-game: So that’s why the infected are green.



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Gameworld: Ball race

item: Fishbowl (Ball shape)

Description: a fishbowl with little fishies swiming around ya, the water also is a little animated.

In game description: Fish can eat melons… Right?

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make the wind up key description - better not wind me up

I dunno, (I can’t think of a good description for this one)'s already pretty good.

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lol owned


did you not see it


Gameworld: Virus

Item: Ball race themed flak cannon [Cant think of name] [Flak cannon]

Description: The item has the barrel looking like image these from ballrace, and shoots miniature balls, when reloaded, you flick open the tube, and load the ball into the chamber.

In game Description: Give the zombies what they lack. (Get it? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )


Gameworld: Ballrace

Item: Yarn ball [Ball shape]

Description: Catsack ball with pointy ears and a fur.

In game description: A purrrfect companion.

Gameworld: Ballrace

Item Planet ball. [Ball shape]

Description: this:

In game description: They go round and round and round and round and…


that literally is the galaxy orb