Cosmetic ideas for LC 2

I forgot to mention in my topic about cosmetic ideas that kill ideas would be a nice addition.

For example, a kill effect would change how the body of who you killed acts/looks. For example, as a knight or dragon bodies get flung further, or as the dragon the bodies set fire. As more examples, the knight could have a kill effect in which the dragon, instead of becoming a ragdoll, will play a death animation instead. For this, the dragon could slowly fall down before it then ragdolls at the end of the animation. There could also be kill effects which replaces the body of the dead player with particle effects which slowly fade away.

I have thought of some dragon costumes and hats which could work depending on what type of costumes would be wanted.

  1. A costume for the dragon which has it wearing a count’s cape, as well as the boots on its back legs. For a hat to finish off the outfit, the knight should have the count’s helmet with the visor lifted up.
  2. A costume for the dragon which has him covered in pieces of furniture, like stools on his legs, a broken table on his stomach, a banner on his side, and a knights helmet on his back. For a hat, i would like if the dragon could have a stack of 3 books on the its head.
  3. A costume for the dragon which make one if its front legs a peg leg, and the 2 back legs have black boots on them and a gold/iron tinted stomach. For a hat, it could be a pirate hat or a bandana as a hat wrapped on the dragons head.
  4. A costume for the dragon that gives it a more wood coloured skin tone, and wings like the Leonardo Da vinci wings. No hats are needed for this costume.

I have wondered if it would be possible for the dragon to have different walking sounds, as well as the knights having different walking sounds. Although it may be hard to change them, i have some ideas.

  1. A piano note which plays whenever the dragons steps

Sadly, this is the only idea i have. This means it might be a hard concept, but i hope that it is possible in some ways.
Thank you for reading through my second topic for LC ideas, and thank you for your time.
Please rate my ideas in the comments of the topic and give some more ideas for the devs who read this.

In the near-ish future there will be Game Upgrades
aka cosmetics including hats, trails, skins and more for all Gamemodes,

All of the ideas above relate to this, i suggest putting them in here.