Upgrade suggestions megathread!

thats what they want you to think

gameworld: Ballrace

Item: Bowli’n ball [Ball shape]

Description: A bowling ball, not clickbait. image

Item description: Oops… Wrong game…

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description should be “strike” missed opportunity wow


Great thread. Please also toss us more ideas for ZM as much as possible.


Thanks mac! You heard him boys, lets get brainstorming!


it ball

10/10 idea thank you mac

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Gameworld: Zombie massacre

Item: Confetti Killstreak effect [Unannounced/ unconfirmed, after 25 kills get a certain effect]

Description: After killing 25 of those bastardy things, confetti will shootup from the previously killed zombie, and we mean LOTS of confetti.

In game description: Not a very sunshine day… Anymore…

Gameworld: Zombie massacre

Item: Laser turret [Unannounced/ unconfirmed]

Description: Turns turrets into sci-fi killing machines, watch all of the zombies experience a lasery death. And yes. It shoots laserbeams.

In game description: Frickin laser beams!

Gameworld: Zombie Massacre

Item: Scream soundpack [Unannounced/ unconfirmed, replaces sounds within the game]

Description: its just a bunch of screaming and yelling

In game description: Let everyone know true terror with this soundpack.

Gameworld: Zombie massacre

Item: Fanblade [Survivors blade]

Description: Turns the survivors blade into a fan!

In game description: Kill for all your many fans!

should’ve been blow everyone away with this amazing fan

Gameworld: Zombie massacre

item: Ball race ramming shield [badname] [Survivours ramming shield]

Descrption: Turns your ramming shield into a typical ball from ballrace

In game description: Truly an ambitious crossover.

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holy shit you are just full of ideas what the fuck

im not done yet

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jesus christ

Gameworld: planet panic

Item: robs imports UFO [UFO]

Description: adds tubes to the ufo with items flying inside of them, inside the cockpit is a phone, same one from robs imports. On the front there is a robs imports sign with the standered colour scheme the store uses.

In game description: Tell em robs got catfood now! Working on dog food…

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there hasnt been any other minigolf ones so


Item: Melon Ball

Description: Turns your ball into the full melon (the one that gives you 5) from ball race

In game description: Delicious and packed with water!

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Gameworld: Zombie massacure

item: splat science [scientist flasks]

description: splat soda varient of the scientists flasks, leaves a green, goey remain

in game description: Sugar is science.

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still not done