The Bone Zone 2018


hehe, the third one




That was a blast. Thanks for the show, fellas!

Here's my screenshots, in reverse chronological order:


Here are my images:

Lich, I enjoyed being on the Bone Zone. I hope the season finale goes well! :slight_smile:


Another great show! This is a few of the photos I took:

Unfortunately I fell asleep before the end, but oh well!


Just a heads up about those weird crabs taking peoples’ money:

I wouldn’t want the Bone Zone to go bankrupt on the season finale.


If they get robbed, to they have to go back to the Home Zone? It was gotten on the cheap, and it’s a pretty good back-up.


I hope you all had a good Halloween, remember The Bone Zone season Finale is today.


Thanks to everybody who came out to see the shows this month.


See you in December.


This was the first time I got to catch a show, and I was blown away! The show really is something else in-person! Unfortunately I started taking screenshots towards the end of the event, so here are my best shots.

Here’s to hoping for an even better season next year!




But thank you so much everyone for coming out. Love you all :heart:
None of this would be possible without you, I had a fantastic time with Season 3.
Big thanks to Pixeltail Games for giving us such a fantastic platform, as well as everyone who came to the shows, devs included. I’m glad to give everyone somewhere to hang out, and have fun. I hope I made your October a little more spooky and fun. Signed Season 3 Posters and Bru Ray jewl case coming soon!


Anyone got the link for the Oculus Lift ad?


its maybe a good time to say i won’t be uploading all of the episodes of The Bone Zone season 2-3 due to my damaged external hard drive, but it can be fixed by christmas or new year or maybe not.
heres the info:


Well on the bright side I still have my Twitch Archives for Season 3

I’ll work on porting the rest tomorrow to my Youtube in order to make sure they’re all there.


That’s good to hear Alexer and Daltona, I hope your hard drive is fixed, can’t wait to see my antics on the Bone Zone from you.


Arise from your grave and feel the holiday cheer of the necro bump.
Come one come and and hear the news of a NEW Zone related thread -


Just in time for Christmas and hot off the press we’ve got the perfect stocking stuffer.
That’s right it’s The Bone Zone 2018 Bru-Ray and signed posters.

I really love the way things came out, and I hope you all hang these in your condo with pride! Thank you all so much for making The Bone Zone possible. Happy Holidays, and hope you all enjoy!


licks lips as eyes widen in anticipation like mad dog chihuahua eyes


Looks good but why is the soviet pit regarded as unused? I was there I saw it live!

Great work as usual Lich.