The Bone Zone 2018


It includes footage that may have been seen by viewers but may or may not have been erased from the memories of show goers to test both Soviet mind erasing technology and/or add to Bru-Ray features.


Also if for any reason anyone wants an unsigned poster I’ve got you covered. I currently have this version as my desktop backround.


Yet another addition to the Bone Zone Museum of interesting bones and artefacts :smile:


Reminds me when I got to sit on the throne (2017)

and got to check out dat ass


shakes head out of disapprovement of immaturity
secretly does a thumbs up to show that im putting on a act to seem mature, but actually approves :wink:


Oggleing the first lady of Tower?! That’s a paddlein’.


first lady of tower…

can i be the first butt of tower?!?!


yes you can littleluke.


I have not been contacted about a special guest appearance and quite frankly I am shocked and disgusted. There is blood on your hands, mark my words, this edition will be the last zone you’ll ever bone. I hope you’re ready.


Massaki you been…hittin’ the sauce again man? You feelin’ alright? Somebody rattlein’ your bones?
Is this about the Bonesmas Special, cuz I toldja you can come but you cannot serve your “special eggnog” it put somebody in the hospital at last years Christmas party. While you know I am damn sure down with Grammy Massaki’s secret nog recipe, the police unfortunately don’t understand her passion.

You’re still more than welcome to make an appearance, and get down on some holiday cheer.


Very well, this year I won’t bring the eggnog. Grandma is out of prison for the holiday season and has been working on her newest recipe in the kitchen. It’s sure to be a massive hit with everyone.