The Bone Zone 2018


So last year I damn near killed myself trying to bring top tier content to The Bone Zone, and needless to say some plans worked like a charm, and others tended to fall short. So this year I’m going back to my roots, and I’m going to do my best to balance some skits and some impromptu fun. Try and keep it interesting all while not driving myself to the same point of exhaustion that I had last year.
As per usual, I’m not very big into planning so I don’t know when the other shows will be, and I’ll post about them here on the forums when I decide.

As of right now show #1 is scheduled for Saturday the 6th, probably later in the evening around 10 or 11EST. Any changes that come up I’ll be sure to let you know.
Show #1 is probably going to be fairly chill so for anyone who hasn’t attended don’t expect some life changing event, I know the hype tends to get people REALLY excited and if anything like last year…my condo will never fit all the people that want to be involved.
I’ll try to get someone inside who can stream it for anyone who wants to watch the live events unfold. Hopefully everything goes off without a hitch and everyone has a good time.

Questions, concerns, and enthusiasm all welcome in the comments.


heck yeah :skull:


OH HELL YEAH this gon b good :skull:



WOOARGHH!!! CRAAZYYY O_O! Wild Wild wild wild cash cash money swag swag sawwaggguuirrrrr


fortunately it is on the one day where i will be able to come!!
I missed last year, i really do hope i make it this year.


All Right Lich! The time for Bone Zone is now!
Also, the Lich will be doing some day time shows for those with different time Zones.






i’ll see if i can come


How come this wasn’t taken down as advertisment but mine and Alexer’s were?


I think it is because the podcasts are a personal thing that is only somewhat to do with the game,
the bone zone is a community event / tradition that has been part of Gmod Tower and Tower Unite for years and is a approved thing by the devs


Probably because you and Alexer made a post for each individual podcast rather than a megathread.


This is the reason.




Oh boy!




Why is it so late?


It’s a late night talk show.


aaaa I’m so excited! Last year was a blast


Whoopee!!! Can’t wait to see the gang all together again! I actually had to take that day off of work anyway, so I’m pretty much confirmed to go!!!

The Bone Zone is always a giant highlight of the month of Halloween, and I start looking forward to it in August. I can’t contain my excitement!