Bone Zone Presents : First Ever Bonesmas Special

That’s right guys and ghouls, get your rears in gear for some Holiday cheer because I’m proud (and a little nervous) to present the very first Bone Zone - Bonesmas Special!

I was seriously considering skipping the idea all together and holding off for a different year, but I think it would be nice to have a couple little get togethers in the spirit of the season.

The shows won’t be running all month, as of right now I’m only thinking of doing two shows.
Friday December 21st and Saturday December 22nd around 11pm EST as per usual.

I know some people will have their gripes about not being able to make it, but I did say even when considering the idea that it would be only a couple of nights and a small event.

I also have some Christmas theme’d videos in store for a psudo “movie night” for those interested, made by yours truly several years ago. Very similar in comedy style to The Bone Zone, so anyone who’s a fan of the antics they see in October should also be a fan of these. I was considering playing them either during a seperate movie night, or perhaps during one of the shows, and thankfully I can always open my condo for whoever at whatever time and show them off in case you miss the Bonesmas Special.

Anyways, hopefully things go well. Still not sure if Skeleman can make it or not, but I figure doing something with the community is better than nothing, right?
Hope you’re all doing well and to see you in Tower sometime soon! :snowman::christmas_tree::skull:

Edit v2. - Barry has completely botched the dates twice now, and I THINK now they’re finally fixed. C’MON NOW BARRY.


BARRY GOT IT WRONG AGAIN!! friday is the 21st and saturday is the 22nd.

Well, indirectly
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Alright good show

@Heavysteam We all take from the well of ideas. I totally endorse the idea of anyone else doing whatever they want talkshow wise. :sunglasses:
@JesusFreak There there, it’ll all be okay.


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@Marty_Mcfly Spoken like a true Chad. :+1:
Edit : My brains are wonky tonight. BARRY WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH MY BRAIN?!

Mine isn’t a talk show, it’s more of an advent calendar with all sorts of tower unite related stuff that will be posted in pieces from the 1st december until christmas, which was planned for the next year.


i think barry slipped something in your drink and made your brain all gooey

What can I say? I’m time traveling idea kind of stealing guy. TOWER TIMES?! HAH HAH. MINE NOW, YOINK.
(I made this like 2 years ago and literally just found out about your idea)
[I also totally posted this in an OLD thread and was like y’know, I should just post it here instead of necro-ing omega old threads]

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Christmas Special? Nice, but won’t you do a daytime special as well? :slight_smile: IE: December 20th 3pm?


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When that’s done, we should add that to the special features of the Official Bone Zone 2018 DVD.
It might be a shame we can’t all visit.

I hope i can come to the show.

I’ll be there to stream it all, @The_Lich!

Oh baby! Bonesmas is real!

man, this is a bad time for me and my damaged external hard drive because i have to record it with almost-full storage on my local disk, but i’ll do it whenever i have free space left. @The_Lich

As it stands right now here are the plans for Bonesmas.

Friday December 21st, 11pm EST - Bonesmas Special night 1 (no Skeleman due to work schedule, but we’ll figure it out)
Saturday December 22nd, 11pm EST - Bonesmas Special night 2 (complete with Skeleman)
Sunday December 23rd, Probably sometime mid afternoon…maybe 3pm-ish- A marathon made from Christmas past by yours truly, about an hour and 1/2 in total. Open to the public to come gather round and enjoy the Christmas spirit (the videos will be teased during the other Bonesmas Specials, and can always be replayed for anyone who missed out)

Hope everyone’s doing well and feeling the Bonesmas spirit, can’t wait to see you all at the shows!


At least there’s a afternoon show for you! I’m looking forward to it!

Hey Howdy Guys!

Gonna Just Slap it down here that If you can’t make it to the Bonesmas Special, I’ll be streaming it live on Twitch at ! That way you can still witness and somewhat participate in the fun! Catch y’all tonight!