Spray image introduction

So I Garry’s mod we saw spray Images right so I want to see the tower to get a form of this within the game and I even seen someone else with a good Idea of this where you would us a spray can to make the spray the Image we have

this has been suggested multiple times


Well I mean the more suggestions the more in theory Likely things will come to be Thanks for letting me know

even though it might, it’s not a good idea to do it because of that



I did use the search button I just dont care and wanted to throw the Idea out there again If that is A little much for y’all

Theres already too many of them, we dont need more.

… aint that the truth…

It keeps the suggestions category clean of duplicate posts. Bump the thread with some useful conversation about the topic (not something like “cool”) if you want to talk about a suggestion, this is just unnecessary.


i want sprays back

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Problem is, some people who clearly doesn’t give a damn about getting banned from a game they bought might spray things that aren’t appropriate, things other people tends to avoid when they go into someone else’s condo

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My solution - treat these like canvas’s. Have a blacklist AND a whitelist, chose what players sprays you can see, or ones you cant.

I’m just a little afraid of the porn scene, considering how many condos of porn (myself included for my personal condo on Suite) there are. There should be a stricter policy when it comes to canvas sprays on public servers.

Maybe it should be an addition to the upgrade system. Sure they won’t be custom, but we would have a safe alternative. Or maybe, it could be added to workshop.

Dear god although the porn scenes already being talked about already Woah