Spray Can

What if you could buy an item in the toy shop that you can equip, and then press e and spray a custom image like in gmod. (rules apply (no explicit sprays, etc.)) Good idea?


VIP Spray Can
Can spray GIFs and animated stuff.

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maybe the spray can will be cheap, but the vip spray can will cost a lot of units…

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I’d rather call it something like Magic Spray Can.

LOL, That was how i was gonna call it. But then i decided VIP because its exclusive.

someone already mention this idea.

@Teamcanada If it’s within these forums a link to that would be nice as well, to compare sed ideas.

Do you mean like this?

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Exclusive? The only exclusive items in the whole game are the ones you get from backing a certain amount on the Indiegogo.
Everything else is fair game for everyone and anyone.
There is no more VIP system like there was in GMT.


There is no more VIP system like there was in GMT.

And this is something I am extremely happy about.


Poop, I forgot. Then make it more expensive. :dollar:

Thats not true. Donors still get some love. But yeah, only backers get a significant amount.

Taking this idea further. How about, the Super Magic Spray Can, where instead of finding a gif online, you can make your own from any video online! It should be more expensive than the Magic Spray Can, too.

(This might not be possible due to the devs having to make a gif editor, but a cool idea in my opinion.)

I’d love for sprays to make a return. It was a very fun social aspect of the Tower, especially in the Lobby 1 days, with everyone spraying on the wall next to the teleporters.

But for fun, I’d suggest that sprays be applied via Jet Set Radio style of spraying, with the user following mouse or joystick movements to make part of their picture appear.


Oh yeah, you’re right!
Guess I forgot, since we don’t know what they are yet.

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something like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eKhKI48Yjw : P

I thought you hated console exclusives!

Ew, motion controls…
I personally don’t like the jet set radio idea, I mean, why make players work for an image? Nobody would do it I feel, even w/o motion controls…
Plus, why fix what isn’t broke?

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i do hate console exclusives (except for halo because it would be weird having master chiefs armor in some bright blue armor) but i never said i hate the games that were stupidly made exclusive… there are some games that i would love to play on xbox or on the console its supposed to be on like Infamous (and second son) or Sly Cooper or Splatoon and more… i just do not like PS because they sometimes try to either steal games or content from other consoles (like destiny)

this wasnt a jet set radio idea to me
for me it was a infamous second son idea (i guess they got the spray paint thing from jet set radio?) and i think it would only be moving the mouse to spray it but its just some idea