Sprays in TU

Remember back in Garry’s mod and pretty much all source games when you had sprays? I sure as hell do.

If some of you don’t know what they were, they were an image you could set in your game’s settings and spray that image anywhere you wanted. You could have anything. A logo, a meme or even a random cat picture. They were really cool.

If these were added into TU, I would love it. They’d obviously work like a quick canvas. You could set the picture and place it down.

The host could potentially turn the sprays off if they didn’t want their creations covered by somebodies custom images.

Since they’d work like canvases, they’d be able to have the filter settings and work like normal canvases.

Overall, I’d love sprays to be added into Tower Unite.

P.S: I know these have been discussed but none of them really bring up an argument

Also, in this video, there is a bunch of sprays on the ground. Just for an example of sprays:

they could fit in with canvases and stuff, nice.


it comes down to the problem that in TUs current state with its fps and speed it may have trouble dealing with lots of decals (decals are having materials placed onto surfaces like sprays, vomit (in gmod tower and blood splatter) and the game could become more slow,
i think if this would happen then it will be because of improvement to decals in unreal engine or if the devs manage to make decals work better and or the game becomes alot faster, or even if they do just do it there will probably be options to not see decals because of performance and alot of people who cant run TU well wont see the sprays.
But if this does happen, which i hope it does because i think it will be fun then it will come with the vomit feature and such since they are decals, plus there will have to be heavy parental controls around sprays because of the obvious reason that people can easily add offensive, racist and sexual content in the sprays.

but im up for it 100% i would find it fun. also i don’t know if what i said is 100% but i think it is from what i have read in the past, but don’t take my word on it.


Oh yeah of course! I was thinking that while writing the post! I don’t mean now by any means. If this were to be implemented, I’d prefer it later down the line. These small features seem to get in the way from getting the big interesting ones anyway.

I would prefer to have it after FPS is improved.


Aw man, I remember people’s custom sprays in TF2, people did some pretty creative and dumb stuff with them back in the day, I would like to see them implemented into TU, but after most or all of the big important features make it in first.

Though, gonna be blunt, I also remember seeing PLENTY of things I really didn’t want to see as sprays.


I think this would be a great social addition to the game sometime down the road!

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i think sprays could be fun, problems with them would be game performance as it currently isn’t great for loading times and just not great for a good fps either

I’m just worried with what might happen with the use of sprays, because they could be fun but then there’s the bad stuff… ;/


You know what? there was that dude in GMT that had that one spray that would change if you were on the left/right side of it. I STILL do not know how he did this and whenever I think of sprays that’s the first thing I remember

If that dude is playing, and if this gets implemented, and he still has that spray, and it works, and he uses it and i’m there and i see it, i’ll finally be able to ask that dude, and then if he answers i’ll finally get rest

So I’m all for this suggestion


thats called a fading spray, theres tutorials on how to make one

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One again, these could work with the canvases filter tools! Yeah I agree though, I really do want the big features first