Sprays need to be a thing!

Being a huge Cinema fan, one of my most characteristic things to do is spray my images in the theater room with my mates. They’d often be humorous quotes, select images from our favorite videos, etc.

Sprays are a huge part of my Cinema experience. We have a ritualistic need to spray the theater each time we begin our session. I know it may seem like a weird and insignificant feature, but it helps personalize the environment even further!

To bring another, modern example of this, look at Splatoon. There’s a feature where you can ‘tag’ walls in the world of Splatoon with your own design.

As far as I know, spraying is a wholly Source related feature. I’m not sure how best you may all be able to translate this into Unreal, though I would extremely appreciate any sort of attempt!

Thanks for the consideration!


It wouldn’t be that hard to translate it. If they are able to get image canvases done right (watch their 6/20 stream), it’ll probably be easy to do sprays.

Probably wouldn’t be a big issue since there will be parental block options available.

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Of course. Offensive sprays can easily be treated the way the are in GMod.

I mostly only care to have them usable in the condos, though.

Sprays sound great

Well, there is already a custom portrait item in the game that allows the player to put in a URL that leads to an image. The portrait will then display the image that the URL links to.
But I’d rather have sprays for the rest of the lobby.