Ry's Condo Builds and Stuff and THings

This is a thread for any projects I make in my condos. I went kinda crazy with them a while back and ended up making like 10 posts in the span of a couple months so in case I do that again I wanted to keep everything in just one thread instead.
Here are most of the projects I’ve made threads for previously:


Cliffside Campgrounds

I made this one in March, after a few months of burnout. It’s intentionally pretty simple because I didn’t wanna immediately jump into another huge project. I also tried to get out of my comfort zone of making all of my condos at night or enveloped in fog. It’ll probably be a workshop map for SDNL at some point.

(I never uploaded this one to the workshop)

Tree Town

I finished this one on April 18th. I’m probably the happiest with this one out of all the condos I’ve made. It’ll be a workshop map for SDNL eventually.

Home Computing

To be honest this is probably one of my weakest condos so far. There is unfortunately no easy way to my knowledge to make natural looking wires, and I didn’t know how to make it easier to navigate while fitting with the theme so the Official Map Lore is that this PC’s owner puts notecards with fast things drawn on them to make it run faster. This will probably be a workshop map for SDNL eventually.

Autumn Springs

I finished this one just today. I took a lot of inspiration from state parks and highway rest stops I’ve visited in the past for it. It’ll be a workshop map for Virus.


I forgot entirely about this thread!! I have made a few condos since forgetting about it but i will only post one because im to otired to load the other ones for pictures

Bygone Isle

I started and finished this one today because I’m insane or something. I just wanted to make some foggy islands and put a lighthouse on one of them and wow did I do that. Given the weirdly short turnout time for this I’m very proud of it

workshop link: