LNSD - Boreing

I’ve been digging around Tower Unite’s files and I found a new map for the upcoming game world Late Night Salami Date, check it out!

Jokes aside, this is a mine-themed condo built around PVP. It’s very non-linear and vertical, and the screenshots alone probably don’t give a perfect idea of what the layout of the place is like.

Workshop Page:


  • Me: Made the condo
  • @vaporkin: Came up with the condo name
  • @Searith: Playtesting (found holes in the map)

Misc. Cave Areas

Lava Lake

  • Left: mineshafts, overgrown cave
  • Right: mineshafts 2, crystal cave


  • Back: lava lake
  • Left: crystal cave
  • Forward: construction


  • Mineshaft 1.5: overgrown cave
  • Launch Pad: outdoors

Mineshaft 1.5

  • Forward: overgrown cave
  • Back: Construction

Mineshaft 2

  • Back: overgrown cave
  • Forward: crystal cave
  • Right: lava lake

Overgrown Cave

Crystal Cave

Launch Pad Barely Visible Here: leads to Outdoors Coal & Housing


Birds-eye view

Forest: Accessed via Construction, Coal & Housing

  • Top Image Bridge: above overgrown caves (waterfall room)
  • Other Bridge: above construction
  • Launch Pad Near Building: coal & housing

Forest 1.5

  • Left: overgrown cave bridge

  • Left Mineshaft: coal & housing

Coal & Housing: Accessed via Crystal Cave, Forest, Forest 1.5

Left Hole: crystal cave

Launch Pad: forest

Right Bridge: above construction

  • Left Mineshaft: forest 1.5
  • Right Hole: crystal cave

Secret Cave


Nice. Looks awesome.

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best part are the crystals in the mine they look sick as hell


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