I’ve had a mental image of this convenience store shoved into a flesh wall in Hell as an idea for an SDNL map for a while, and recently decided to make it a condo (I ended up changing like 99% of the original concept, though). What I ended up with is a theme park in Hell. The flesh textures and teeth ended up being extremely useful for this (there’s 1,623 teeth in the condo!) and I don’t think it would have even been possible without the devs adding those for some reason.

This is probably the shortest I’ve taken to finish a condo project too, I decided to start working on it on the 20th and finished at midnight on the 26th, so that’s really only like five days that it took to finish this, which is insane.

Here’s a workshop link:

And images:

Outdoors section

(the “fun holes” are teleporters)

Tunnel of Love


Background decorations