prop hunt plaza event.

Okay so hear me out.

A portal opens and the players all get teleported into a place maybe it’s a store of some sort with all kinds of furniture and stuff, and the prop hunt game begins. BUT the trick is you can’t stay still and hide forever. To keep the game moving (ideally the game would only be 5 minutes at the most, shorter if less than 10 players are playing perhaps). players only have 10-15 seconds per transformation into a prop before it turns off. Forcing players to keep moving and get caught easier against the hunters. that way the game can not only be short but fun and exciting.

I do think this would be fun and you gave some good ideas. Even though this hasn’t been recommended as a minigame before it has been recommended as a game mode and a plaza activity. (it is best to add onto a different thread with your ideas so that there aren’t multiple posts about the same suggestion)