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Alright, can you tell me roughly where you get the problem? I suspect it could be the part where you have ‘<’ or ‘>’ since those aren’t mapped to a piano note. If you copy-paste the notes into a code snippet I’ll try to figure out what you can do about it. But as a start, you can try to remove all the ‘<’ and ‘>’. If it still doesn’t work, try removing the ‘%’ and if that doesn’t work either, copy-paste the notes and I’ll check it out :slight_smile:


No Idea why but the key inputs or whatever don’t register in the piano in Garry’s Mod but when I tried it VP it worked perfectly any ideas or any temporary solutions?


It should work in gmod as well. At least last time I checked. I’ll see if it works for me. Are you using the keybinds when you start it, or do you press the play button and switch to the game?

EDIT: Alright, after some testing it seems that the program does indeed work with gmod, but for some reason it does not work on the piano anymore. I will see if I can find a solution.

EDIT: Some more testing has revealed that it does actually work, the problem is that the key needs to be held down longer than the program does. It plays some notes sometimes because it happens to hold it just long enough. So the result is that it plays very unreliable. I will see if I can make a fix for this.


Alright everyone,

I have some good news, and I have some REALLY good news.

First off,
@Asuka_Kurashina Gmod compatibility has been fixed

Black notes are finally working! Yes, you read that right, I finally managed to find a solution that allows us to play black keys!

Do note that this is an experimental release and it might have some bugs. It should be stable, but some functionality is lacking. At this time, you can’t play black keys that are symbols, such as ‘!"#’ etc. But that will be fixed in a later update. Any other black key should work.

Please let me know if you find some functionality and/or black keys that are not working. This is a big breakthrough for instrument autoplayers.

Without further ado, the download link

In case you are looking for the stable release the link for that is here
Do note that this version does not have the ability to play black keys and does (apparently) not support gmod piano.

And if anyone is interested in the “behind the scenes”. The source code for the program is available on github here. Master branch contains the stable version and Experimental branch contains the latest experimental version.


EDIT: It seems I’ve managed to break save and load. Woops.
EDIT2: Version 2.2a is uploaded, fixing the save and load issues. Same link :wink:

TU Pianer & Sheet Music Pack

I just released a new hotfix.

Version 2.2b is now out.
Fixing the spacebar key not working, added the rest of the black keys and fixed multinotes so they sound better in the new system. Again, same link.



Hi I just noticed that when I was playing around with the old version that didn’t work with Garry’s Mod that I noticed that the new version couldn’t play Multinotes when it contains both high and low keys but when I checked back on the old one it worked fine and it was playing it correctly and I checked to see if Version 2.2a allowed Multinotes to be played when it contained high and low keys and when I played it worked but the timing was messed up compared to V2.01

EDIT: Timing was messy because spacebar wasn’t working on v2.0.1 lol


You are correct, I made the multinotes unable to contain both on purpose.
I could possibly change it, however, if I do that it will impact the timing of delays more than it does currently.
I am still trying to figure out what I want to do about this, because currently a normal note will take 8 ms extra to play and a high note will take 16 ms extra. It’s not really something you notice unless you’re really listening for it, but if I mix low and high notes in multinotes a multinote will have an extra time of potentially (low note * 8 + high note * 16) ms.
Which, as you might imagine, will end up with a noticeable amount of unwanted delay.
Alternatively, I could make each note play on a seperate thread, that way it would be more concurrent, but this might lead to unexpected behaviour.
But as I said, I am still trying to come up with a good solution for this. But for now, multi notes are either one :slight_smile:

Well, this got a little more technical than I intended :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I just added a link to the source code to the post with all the links as I had forgotten that when I wrote the post. So yea, if you guys didn’t know, the program is completely open source and available on github :wink:


Hello everyone, I need some opinions about a feature explained in this post of mine.

I would like to know how you guys think the music pieces would be implemented in the most user friendly way.
I realise that having the music pieces in the same window as the song itself, might be confusing for some?

So my proposal is that music pieces will be a new part of the program on a seperate tab, where you define and build them.
Then you use them in the main window by doing something like this “:mymusicpiece”.

What would you guys prefer, I can also make it as proposed in the first post about it, or maybe someone has an even better solution?
Please vote on this poll so I can see what you think about it :slight_smile:

  • I like the original proposal better
  • I like this proposal better
  • I have another idea (specify in a comment)
  • I don’t care about this feature

0 voters


A small developer update here,

I had hoped to get more votes on the poll, but I will let it run for another week and we’ll see what happens. Right now I will focus on other features, but it seems the new system is what people want, so I am probably gonna prepare it in that direction. But the poll will close next friday and that is when I will start to develop the music piece system properly.

Here’s a teaser for some new features I am working on.
Menu strips! I wonder what those export and import buttons are for :open_mouth:

So yea, the idea is that I want to move most of the buttons to menu strips and make more space for the note editor on the main tab. Hopefully this will make it so you can use the keybinds from any tab in the future, which would be nice :smiley:


I would really like some more music than other provided by the dev, anyone have some? The same song gets old after a while.


Alright, I have now closed the poll, and I will implement the music peiece system around my second proposal. I am also working on other features atm. however, I have been taking a couple of days off from developing the program but I expect to get back to it next week. You can always check the github for the newest updates, stable and unstable alike. Maybe you will even find some unannounced things if you look closely enough :open_mouth:

I was hoping to finish the feature I am currently working on before the poll closed so I could start the music piece system right away, but I still need to do some more work on this super secret feature :wink:

Meanwhile, I made another hotfix for the 2.2 version, 2.2c, however it was never properly released, so I guess I might as well do that here.

So the link have been updated with the new fix.
It just changes the way you stop playing a song, so you no longer spam all the keys when you stop the song.

In case you are too lazy to dig up the links yourself, I’ll just add them here for you guys :slight_smile:
Latest Experimental Release
Latest Stable Release

At the time of writing this, both branches contains the same version (2.2c).
As 2.2c is now considered stable enough to be the latest stable release.





The problem is that if I even write there a random text like “dasdasdas” then all too early is also the problem.


Are you using the latest version? (2.2c)


So how are you guys playing things?
All files dont load for me
and when I manually paste it, it just says “a multinote cannot contain both high and low keys”
so I cant play anything


Can you post the notes you are trying to play?


"u [30f] h [30f] h [3G] [30a] a [30I]
u [18f] h [18f] h [18G] [18a] a [18I]
u [6ef] h [6ef] h [6eG] [6ea] a [6eI]-
[5wf] h [5wf] h [5wG] [5wa] a [5wI]
u [30af] h [30af] [fh] [30G] [I30a] a [30I]
u [5waf] h [5waf] [fh] [5wG] [I5wa] a [5wI]
u [6eaf] h [6eaf] [fh] [6eG] [I6ea] a [6eI]-
[8taf] h [8taf] [fh] [8tG] [I8ta] a [8tI]-

f [18]-Q-[ra]aa0aa[Qd]
[0f] 6 aQ d [rf]-0aa[Qd]
[0f] [7G] hQG [rh] G0d [Qd]
0 [370]-Q-[ra]aa0aa[Qd]
[0f] [158]-Qh[rG]-0h [Qf]
0 [36]-Qf[rG] h0f [QG]
[0h] [25j] hQh [rG] G0 aQ

0 [18f] d [18f] h [18af] d [18f]
h [fj] [29] h [29h] [2f] [fj] [29] [af] [29]
[6f] d [6f] h [6af] d [6f]
h [dG] [5d] d a [5dG] [ad] 5
0 [18f] d [18f] h [18af] d [18f]
h [fj] [29] h [29h] [2f] [fj] [29] [af] [29]
[5a] h [5G] d [5f] h [5G]
f [aG] [26] - [ak]-[uf]-

[3afk]-[7dz] [3afk]-[ak] [37uf]-
[18afk]-[dz] [1afk]-[8ak] [15uf]-
[6afk]-[36sl] [afk]-[6ak] [36uf]
[5pj] [oh] [25pj] [oh] [6ak] [7uf] [$uf]-
[3afk]-[7dz] [3afk]-[ak] [37uf]-
[18afk]-[dz] [1afk]-[8ak] [15uf]-
[5wafk]-[59wsl] [afk]-[5wak] [9wuf]-
[6pj] [ak] [36pj] [ak] [7pj]-[$dz]-

[7ak] [30] [dz] [370pj] [30oh] [30oh] [37uf]-
[18] [dz] [158pj] [18oh] [18oh] [158uf]-
6 [dz] [36pj] [6oh] [6oh] [36uf]-
[5uaf] [oh] [25uaf] [oh] [7IG]-[$Ira]-
[$7] [30] [dz] [370pj] [30oh] [30oh] [370uf]-
[18] [dz] [158pj] [18oh] [18oh] [158uaf]-
[5w] [dz] [59wpfj] [5woh] [5woh] [59wuf]
[6uf] [oh] [3uaf] [oh] [7IG]-[I7ra] [I7ra] 7"


[6sfj] 0 e r t k j h
[8osf] w t y u [tosf] h
[2ipd] 6 9 0 q s d s
[4ip] s [5oa] o
[6sfj] 0 e r t k j h
[8osf] w t y u [tosf] h
[2ipd] 6 9 0 q s d s
[6tup] 6
4 8 [qeti] 8 [qeti] 8 [qetp] 8
[5ryo] 9 e 9 [ru] 9 [ro] 9
[6tup] 0 e r t u p
[3uoa] [7s] [0a] [Qrup] [wu] q [0ruo] 3
8 [qeti] 8 [qeti] 8 [qetp] 8
[5ryo] 9 e 9 [ru] 9 [ro] 9
[2eyo] 6 9 [0ey] Q w e [qey]
[3rup] 7 q Q [wruo] j [0k] x
[6sfj] 0 e r t k j h
[8osf] w t y u [tosf] h
[2ipd] 6 9 0 q e [ts] d s
[tup] s p f s j f

There are some examples I cant get to work

“loading failed: no compatible save format found”
and also the multinote high and low keys


Alright, I’ve looked into it.

The problem is the fact that some of the multinotes contain both high and low keys, as specified by the error message.

This is a problem that I am trying to solve by allowing this to happen, but at the moment I have some design problems if it is allowed.
So for now you cannot have high and low keys mixed.

I fixed the notes from one of the songs you posted, but the other one contains too many mixed notes, so I don’t have the time to fix that one.

Can you show me some of the files you are trying to load that are not recognised? That sounds weird and I would like to investigate that as well.

[details=Click here for the notes]
[6sfj] 0 e r t k j h
[8osf] w t y u [tosf] h
[2ipd] 6 9 0 q s d s
[4ip] s [5oa] o
[6sfj] 0 e r t k j h
[8osf] w t y u [tosf] h
[2ipd] 6 9 0 q s d s
[6tup] 6
4 8 [qeti] 8 [qeti] 8 [qetp] 8
[5ryo] 9 e 9 [ru] 9 [ro] 9
[6tup] 0 e r t u p
[3uoa] [7s] [0a] [rup] [wu] q [0ruo] 3
8 [qeti] 8 [qeti] 8 [qetp] 8
[5ryo] 9 e 9 [ru] 9 [ro] 9
[2eyo] 6 9 [0ey] Q w e [qey]
[3rup] 7 q Q [wruo] j [0k] x
[6sfj] 0 e r t k j h
[8osf] w t y u [tosf] h
[2ipd] 6 9 0 q e [ts] d s
[tup] s p f s j f


It can’t seem to play the lower notes on this song, and it’s ont how it should be. need help

[ej] [rk] [TL] [yz] [yz7] Q r [*TL] z 5 9 w [aj] z x C v [yz] p d p b [efjx] u Sj C v x C [rkz] I S d [dz] x C [5d] 9 [wz] r L [whz] [9dj] e y e e [y9] [$QSG] J G k G GJL I p f [7ad] Q r y r [QS] d5 9 w r w [9f] G e y I h [QG] 0f[*T] [ud] S [0f] [7ad] Q T y I [rf] y [59od] 9 w r w 9 [QG] e y [ed] I e [yv] e [6pf] 0 e Td S [0d] r Su [od] d S d Q eS I d d f G QfT [QG] [QG] [f0] [QG] [*S] h G [6f] [0d]S[ra]S udo [rf]u[oh] [QG] y I p d y I [wj] y I oG hhhh | [rp] I [ad] p f I [ad] I w [rp] [yd] [po] f [yp] [od] y [9p] [ep] [yd] I f [ye] S e S S a S [ud] [pf] d [rp] I [ad] p f [QI] [ad] [QI] w
[rp] [yd] [po] f [yp] [od] y [9p] [ep] [yd] I f [yp] [ed] [*S] [*T] S a S [5ad] 7 9 w [*TS] [9yd] T 0 e T f [IG] Q r [yd] Q [rh] y [QG] 0fT d S f [5ad] 7 9 w [ep] [uf] [6d] * 0 ed S [QG] e y [ed] e [yh] [$QSG] [QI] [rp] [uf] [7ad] Q r y Q [TS] [yd] [5ry] 9 w r 9 [wf] r G Q e [yd] Q [eh] y G 0 fe [pd] S f [7d] Q r y [QI] [rf] y [5d] 9 w y w [rf] y G 6 9 Q 6 [9h] Q [6f] 0 e * [0d] 6 [*S] 0 [3od] 7 S0 [wod] [3od] 7 S0 [wod] [pd] *SQ [pd] [pd] * [pf] e
G Qfr G G Qfr G S 0 [eh] 0 G e [0f] * [3d]S[7a]S [0d]w r [7f] 0 [wh] [$G] 9 Q e d 9 [Qe] [59wj] y I o y I o I p f [7ad] Q r y r [QS] d 5 9 w r w [9f] G e y I
G 0 f,T [ud] S [0f] [7ad] Q T y Q [rf]y [5od] 9 w r w [9f] G e y [ed] I e [yh] e
[6pf] 0 e Td S [0od] rSu [od] [od] S [od] [pd] eSy [pd] [pd] f G QfT G G
f G S h G [6f] [0d]S[ra]S udo [rf]u [oh] [QG] y I pd y I [wj] y I oG y I o
[eh] y I o y I o


The mistake seems to be the multinote [Qe] just below the middle. Change that one and it should work :slight_smile: