Piano player


but i only want to play roblox :smiley:


Yes, you should be able to use this program in roblox


but why dont work


how are we supposed to know, provide some more info


As I said, I don’t know how roblox does the piano. But if it works like it does in gmod, you should be able to use this program in the same way.
If it does NOT work like gmod. You have to figure out how it works on your own, or provide me with information about how it works and I will try to figure it out based on that.
I don’t have the time to install roblox to test it for you :wink:


Heya everyone, it’s been a while since we had a content update for this.
So I spent some time to implement some minor quality of life features… And a little bit extra.

Do note that this update will not have the features I talked about in my last update.

Also, I notice that I can no longer edit the original post, which is a bummer since I can no longer update the links in that post… So I might have to start a new topic at some point.
For now though, I will just post the new link in this comment and we will see what happens.

So, let’s get to the new features shall we?

Let’s start with the big announcement of this update.
Introducing: Custom notes.
Ever been in a situation where you just didn’t have enough keys on your keyboard for all the notes you wanted to play? No? Well… Me neither… But… Now you can assign even more buttons to play notes! Ever wanted the B key to play a C key instead? Well, now you can! So, yea… You can basically turn any key on your keyboard into a note just like you do with the delays… So have fun with that! :wink:

Other changes:

  • Fixed a problem that could cause the program to make your computer press keys continously even when closing the program (As a side effect, this also allows users to play multiple songs should that be wanted)
  • Errors will now appear in red text under the note field rather than the annoying popup!
  • A major oversight in the save system has been fixed (Of cause with backwards compatibility)

I hope you will enjoy these changes and I hope they will improve the usability of the program just a little bit :slight_smile:

As always, the latest version is available on GitHub, link in original post.
And for the update, you can always get the latest version from this link going forward.

Have fun.


The autopiano is not working at all in gmod, it only seems to play one note and quits. no special characters, it all has nothing red warning me. It just DOESN’T WORK.


Can you link me to the piano addon you use and the save file for the notes you’re trying to play? Then I will have a look at it :slight_smile:


Not sure on the exact addon but I can basically put any save file in and it won’t play on gmod


You have multiple piano addons?? Try using only one of them and if that doesn’t work, link me to that :slight_smile:


When using only one, it still doesn’t work. I think it is weird to note how when I use it on virtualpiano (website) It works just fine however I think it is still latching onto gmod but something is messed up somewhere leading to it only playing a few notes and quitting.


I’ve now tested it with this addon and it works fine for me. The only difference is that there seems to be a difference of speed. At least with my test song it works fine. Please try that and see if you still have problems, otherwise the problem might be because of something else on your side :wink:

EDIT: Also, I think there are slight changes to notes in the addon compared to the TU piano, but that shouldn’t cause problems unless the key you try to press is doing something with the addon (or another addon).


Is this auto piano :stuck_out_tongue: allowed on steam/tower unite?


As I have said before, I have not yet heard of any getting banned for this, I am not banned myself either. So I would say it is safe to use. However, I would like to refer to this post. So yea, right now it doesn’t seem to be problematic, but do keep an eye out for updates that could potentially ban autoplayers.


Please give a download link TU Pianer


Hello there is a problem when using this program is constantly turned on and off game menu
How to fix it?


Can you show me the notes and settings you have put in the program, maybe it’s one of the notes you have inserted that causes that to happen?

Also please tell me which version you are using :slight_smile:



I need an image of the main window, so I can see what you have put in the text area. Also, are you using windows xp? It might be related to the OS maybe. It is not an issue I’ve seen before. But yeah, I need an image of the “Main” tab please


Windows Seven