Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!


If you aren’t able to read this file with your media player, or simply are too lazy to check it by yourself.
Here’s somewhere, where you can hear it.


The HQ has a new entrance and the vertical “drop” has been removed.


That’s what I was thinking while exploring the Plaza post-update. Had never seen that window before but I thought I never noticed it!


Today in the news: All traces of Sunabouzu removed and catsacks taking over currency


foohy was killed by a catsack


Woah, those are super weird changes. Why? Are the devs just trying to remove their presence from the game or something? Just feels kinda odd.


Maybe they’re just trying to be/look more professional?


Thats… boring, and I feel against the feel of a game where you can play as milk cartons.
Also how is a catsack more professional than a barely visible picture of a dev?
Not to mention like… games have had references to/imagery of their devs for years, from classics like Doom with Romero’s Head to recent titles like BoTW with references to developers across the game, like Satori mountain/the Lord of the Mountain referencing Satoru Iwata and a shrine referencing Aonuma. I just don’t feel like it’s that, I dunno.


Two things from yesterday as I was playing around in my Suite.

400+ hours and only just noticed it.


It’s probably something to do with the fact that Sunabouzu and Foohy aren’t on the dev team anymore.


That’s a shame. what will become of the Foohy disc?


wait what happened to them


Mac says they left on their own accord here:
More updates or More content per update:


they should just put rob’s face on both


Rob’s a dead meme.


you’re a dead meme


how dare you, rob must be protected at all costs.


My bad, I totally forgot about this. They didn’t do an amazing job though, as Foohy still appears on Spin to Win not once, but twice (Shrine, 10K Units)


Oh crap its the catsack illuminati (also thank god i still have a foohybux texture for editing purposes)

Wait hold up did someone day a dev no 2 devs left, jeez i need to keep up with things


The fire Extinguisher says “Made in Britain” on it.

This is likely a reference to this scene from the IT Crowd