Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!


##Post your Easter Egg finds here!

Founded: 2/5/2016: This one was shown in-game by MacDguy
Game Build: 964444-TBA
-Hidden store beside the bowling building.

Founded: 2/5/2016: This one was shown in-game by MacDguy (Credit to Blue for bringing it up)
Game Build: Alpha 0.0.2-TBA
-420 Easter Egg, when time says 4:20pm your time, it plays an audio clip in Plaza.

Secret eastereggs on map
A community project - Help requested
Hidden Secrets
A thread for the (very) small details

And so it begins…


This probably should be pinned :slightly_smiling:


Does the catsack and the tiny potion work ?


Catsack works, tiny postion doesn’t work, YET.


Also 4:20 easter egg


The soda machine in the theater has the GMT logo. The vending machines claim to take GMC.


By creating a developer server, there are unused maps called:

Item Test
Prototype Test!
Weapon Test
PlanetPanic Test
Virus Test

Running them immediately sends you back to the lobby.

While not easter eggs, I also found some unused loading/disclaimer screens in the files/.


I always assumed that was because the textures were placeholders.


Theres probably a way to get into those some how. Hell theres probably a few Planet Panic recourses scattered about.

I personally wouldn’t go digging as the developers would rather make things a surprise than have someone spoil it for everyone.


whoaaaa a Cat store owo does that mean there will have More cat themed product? will we have a MacDguy’s Cat pet or plush? (the white one)


I found this in the gmod ball race demo files.
PROOF: Download the Ball Race Demo and go to


Video is private


Video is private. Care to provide a rip or a description of what happens?


@Vulture_Socks @IrZipher Fixed


Its this video.


Thanks @Vulture_Socks , I just found it in the files, didn’t know it’s on Foohys channel.


Spooked was a placeholder loading screen, apparently used before the first alpha release, the rest of the files in the videos folder were used in earlier versions of the alpha.


There was also a build where they didn’t pack the content and you were able to play island, the level from the kickstarter page, but apparnatly all traces of that have been removed now.


Now I don’t know if this counts much as a Easter Egg, but a clever reference. Even though it’s not final, item 228 , or Paper, has the description “please.”. I’m assuming this is referencing the PC game; Papers, Please.

Papers, Please.