Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!


You stop talking nonsense about things you don’t know. He’s a member of the community, he owns his own shop, he endorsed TU to the max. Rude!


oh god he’s watching
what do I do now?


uuhhhhh offer him some beans and in exchange he will leave

#270 Thanks too Fleeky shy for the photo!
passage 6.93(I think i need to say from like what book but I’m not a cristain so I don’t know) states “And now Titus gave orders to his soldiers that were with him to dig up the foundations of the tower of Antonia, and make him a ready passage for his army to come up” and I think this is lore that the spider queen is trying to destroy the plaza tower!


or it could be that the reason the apocalypse happened was because the price of petrol was so high.


I feel like this is probably a coincidence (not sure how many biblical references they planned on including) but still cool nonetheless




Ima say this right now, that’s a complete coincidence. I practically just smashed the numpad. Sorry :sweat_smile:


Yeah I thought it was but it is a pretty cool one


They re added the HQ in the tower you have to go outside of the tower and fly up to a open window around the 38th floor


So here are screen shots of what it looks like and some stuff on the monitors and one looks like a earlier version of the subway and a golf cart i think its from one of the golf coarse


This easter egg has been known for quite a while actually.


Top left corner of the image says which is when the easter egg was put into the game, so he posted that as it came out so wasn’t known at the time.


This is crazy! :slight_smile:


Found this on the tower in the Suite condo:


Well, that is the tower from Lobby 1.


Don’t know if it is an easter egg but, it’s just weird?


Where did you find it?


Based on the ground texture he found it at the tents.

Edit: Which reminds me, i found this one yesterday:

Not much of an easter egg but the “Not real brothers” part is kinda easy to gloss over and it’s relatively hidden given the “worn” texture.


The campsite also has these dirty newspapers, that warn of upcoming harsh weather conditions: