Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!


Reference to Narnia in GMT’s Lobby 1?


oh man, that brings me back to the old lobby one days, when i overestimated my magnum skills and lost all my money… good times.


Also, the secret vent is now open (nothing new in the hallway under it though) and the bench/trashcan combo under the map was removed.


Yeah I noticed this right before Halloween when I was decorating a kids room in my Halloween condo.

I reckon there’s something to be discovered, but no idea what or if its even ready in the game yet.


On Khromidro stage 4, most of the turbines have caught fire or are malfunctioning

This one is still moving but is on fire

This one has caught fire and stopped rotating

This one has exploded and the blades fell off, the engine is still burning

This one is moving really slow and is on fire, on the limbo


The Wooden Hot tub has the words “Moonbow Flash” inscribed on a small metal panel
It’s also on the direct opposite side.


The first of the art gallery’s statues is in place, and the others already have the backers’ names on them.


Woah awesome, didn’t realize they were already starting with those


That’s great, I would like an Early Access Statue showing how many people backed during this test period.


Not sure if this counts or if people already know this, but Jeff from the condo store constantly changes appearances.


Well, Alot of People know this already, but thanks for making sure!, and of course thanks for showing this to the people who didn’t know this.


There is also at least 1 line for every action in the shop that has normal text.

There’s a wedge of cheese on this shelf in a beach house.


Projector has text which refers to the television series “The Outer Limits”
(There is nothing wrong with your projector. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are now in control of the transmission. We control the horizontal and the vertical.)
This message is also on other products, such as the old monitor, with the word projector changed to television.


I did some research and figured out that he changes when you look away from him.


I’m not sure if this is a easter egg but the Trains in Trainyard are based of the British Rail Class 378 Electrostar.
Top: Tower Unite:

Bottom: Basis:

Also the music in round 4 is slowed down Virus Music.


Found a reference to the Hatch and the Pylons from the Television Series ‘Lost’ in a condo.


About a year late on this one


If you go to Steam<steamapps<common<TowerUnite<Tower<Content<Sound<ambient<Announcer you will get to the page with all of the train station audio files. One of them is called announce420 and when you play it it plays a train station version of

(I don’t know if this is just a secret in the game files, has a very low chance of playing, plays at 4:20 or plays on April 20th)


You know, there was an easter egg a long time ago where the original video’s audio played at exactly 4:20 (based on your computer’s time)… haven’t checked it in ages, but it might still be there, perhaps with a new voiceover.