October 2021 Condo Contest (Halloween)

Oh glob!!!Awesome building :jack_o_lantern:



Something strange is happening on the abandoned floor of Bliss Tower…

The Entrance

The Jack o Lanterns beckon you in further, but someone’s been here before… how are those handprints going up the wall?

The Foyer

Sinister laughter greets you as you are met by Death, who tells you to tread carefully through the intangible Shadow Walls…

The Haunted Room

Invisible poltergeists have animated the furniture and objects in this Un-Living Room!

“Don’t change that channel, folks…”

The Mad Science Room

An experiment has gone awry… they’re watching your every move…

The Green Hall

Strange doors beckon you to enter. Do you dare open a single one?

SJ-10 Containment Unit

Something is being held here. Make sure it doesn’t escape.

Gateway to Hell

Where’s this go?

Escape before the Hell Gate closes!

The Graveyard

Alas… these poor souls may be trapped here forever.

The Glitch Room

Uh-oh… someone didn’t install Counter Strike Source. Utterly terrifying.

Bonzo’s Domain

This clown is held captive… who, or what, put him here? Best stay away, lest he steals your soul and tries to escape…

The Museum of “Cringe” Horror

A step into the past of internet horror culture, admire these dioramas of creatures that frightened so many in the past.

The Red Hall

More doors, some leading to nowhere… don’t get lost forever, now.

The Exit

You made it out alive, count yourself lucky. But there’s still more you didn’t see… do you dare return and find all the secrets?

I'll be hosting this condo all Halloween night!

Join “Bliss City Halloween Party” in the condos browser to come see for yourself!

I’ll also be live at Twitch - I hope to see you there!
Steam ID: Steam Community :: ttv/ClassiNessGaming 76561198045599265


Hey guys love the Entries I really grinded hard to get done before the 27th the deadline got extended but I was pretty burnt out. I hosted for several hours into the next day the day before halloween then opted not to host on Halloween as I was busy with expecting Trick or treaters. I didnt get any though.

So my entry in this contest is going to be my recreation of the house from the movie Beetlejuice.
At first I I had only built the house but after I had built the model in the attic and saw all the empty space around I figured I needed the bridge and then figured well I really need the town and I have room so why not. So I built the town of Winter River (Connecticut) from the movie. The real town is in Vermont.

I had gotten inspiration from HM. Murdock after seeing his amazing Adams Family house. I had made a small halloween party condo but meh… I decided since I love the movie Beetlejuice Id give it a wack.
This recreation was difficult I managed to find the house floor plans from a video about the dollhouse of it being built but her plans were slightly off and referencing photos of built minature models with window placement varying and extensions of the house ect I ended up with a house that wasa little big in some rooms and a little smaller extensions in others.

None the less I put in the work so I figured I would go ahead and enter it I worked several hours a day on it so why not. I didnt create this really to win anything more just that I enjoyed the recreation and the challenge to do it. So here are the images without further ado.

SteamID: 76561198147121267

Here is the front of the house I later added reference photos for people look at throughout the map.
I leave on day as throughout many parts of the movie it is during the day time. I keep the door locked to the attic so that I can set the time to night for the best viewing of it.

This is the entrance to the house. I had to rebuild that staircase twice cause the angle of the upstairs curving around to the attic was very hard to recapture as the film misleads you on the angle of it.
That stairwell took alot of time to get right. But it is one of the most memorable areas from the movie.
I bought the movie for Reference. I was able to manage to get some decent pics and crop the original images in the house doing this.

The kitchen I was able to replicate some of the images on the wall though lower res I wasnt able to find the original items for higher quality so the screenshots had to do. The floor mat I was not able to replicate exactly but I did find the same type and colors. The Rooster is a look a like not the original in the movie I did search for it couldnt find it on the net so I found a close look a like of it. I made the phone
The red phone was smaller than the one we have on tower express and we cant set color for workshop items I didnt even look… I used the new Grate texture for this to outline what would have been the numbers on the phone and it allowed for me to reproduce a closer to the original phone look.
The kitchen leads to the back door and the back door leads to Saturn… As when Barbara gets frustrated
They cant see her and she cant scare them she runs out the back door and is teleported to Saturn with a Sandworm.

Saturn and the Sandworm accessed through the teleporter at the backdoor of the house through the kitchen… Adam is transported here when he goes out the front door and down the steps to try to retrace his steps BUT… I didnt want people accidentally getting teleported there when they are just trying to go in the house when they first connect to the server. Note that I made use of the eyeball Stalk as the tongue since it was the perfect shape! The Sandworm was work. I have a white door you walk over to floating in mid air like in the movie to exit which takes you back to the front porch.

This was the fireplace that lights itself when the Maitlands return home after their untimely demise plunging off the WinterRiver Bridge. Barbara tries to warm her hands by the fire and her fingers catch on fire. Then in another scene after Adam tries to retrace his steps and ends up on Saturn with a sandworm Barbara grabs a horse and shows how she can see the horse in the mirror but she cant see her own reflection nor can Adam. Enter the handbook.

The Handbook of the Recently Deceased. Left by who knows who in my rewatching of the movie I suspect BeetleJuice himself leaves the handbook there for the Maitlands since there is no other way his ad for Beetleguise would have gotten into the book but that is my own theory. The hand book in the movie on screen is more a Mauve in color however the only cover reproduction I was able to find was the one sold as a collectors item in the brown.

The BeetleGuise Ad which falls out when Adam is reading it.

It was awefully quite building and I wanted more ambient music
So I threw in the haunted piano for added Halloween Spookiness.

DAYYYYYY O… Deez a dayyyoo… Day light comin me wan go home!!

This was the recreation of the famed scene in which the Deetz have dinner with their guests who come down to see the value of the town.
With Harry Belefontes Banana boat song Adam and Barbara take possession of the Deetz and their guests in a last ditch attempt to scare them out of their house unbeknownst to them it backfires and they want to use the ghosts of Adam and Barbara as a money making opportunity to showcase ghosts.
With it having been Shrimp originally I wanted keep workshop items to a minimum so I opted to give them all lobersters and not have 100+ Shrimp on the table (Sorry Sedna :frowning: ) lol.
I have had lots of comments on the sculptures I recreated of Deilias haha I hate them even in the game.
The Backdrop which was a task to create and a very focal point of the scene was recreated with the new
Grate Canvas Textures added in conjuction with a blend of a few others I believe the Diamond was used as well.

At the top of the staircase is a very unique window in the house which has a very unique design to it I had to recreate that design and made it into a PNG so It would be there to see. You see this design when Otho pauses at the top the stairs and says “I thought I saw something”.

Othos view from the top of the staircase looking into the Master Bedroom
and the bench I could find no items to replicate so I made it.

The bench outside the master Bedroom I recreated with a nice shot of the staircase winding around that later becomes the Beetlejuice Snake and the Accented Window I recreated.

The Closet that Otho and Deilia open while walking through the house with spraypaint. In this scene Barbara is in a noose and then pulls off her own face in an attempt to scare them but when they jump back its not because of her but the decor and she realizes then they cant actually see her.

The walkthrough bathroom. While simply in look It was not. The position of the chair when they enter the master bedroom through this bathroom and the window location in the master bedroom with the toilet being visible just out of the shot made getting the position of the door to the master from the bathroom very annoying. I had to recreate myself the Aztec looking style trim for the bathroom.

The Master Bedroom. This bedroom was confusing because in one shot it shows a Door frame of some sort next to the bed on to the left towards where the windows and the chair would be. However in the shots where Deila and Otho are walking through its gone. The same thing happened with a door frame in what would later be Lydias room there was a Door frame in there in a shot of the Maitlands outside the room but as Deilia and Otho enter that room its gone.

The Fireplace yet another fireplace in this house… of the many seen throughout the film that come and go… This fireplace was a must have detail as it is the one place you see the wedding photos of Adam and Barbara before the photos are rattled over and knocked down by the moving truck rumbling in of the Deetz. The Fireplace is also one of the scenes in the movie in which I had spotted Continuity issues.
The Red Thread is shown in the opening shot before the deetz roll in but when they roll in the very next shot shows it somewhere else and with books. I was able to recreate the wedding photos through screenshots and found a photo of them in the attire that was not shown in the movie and included it.

The Study. This room is entered into by Deilia and Otho from the master bedroom to see Barbara standing with a butcher knife holding Adams Severed head. Its also where Charles Deetz does his Bird watching and looks at a building in which he makes comments about the nice roof and bad parking.
This building was the Library. An interesting building of the film since its not actually the real library. They built a Facade around it to make it look much larger and better just for the film.

The Staircase to the Attic during the day. While it seems simply this was quite tricky.I had match the number of stairs close to the film while also keeping the right angle of the stairs and making sure it was high enough to lead to where the attic was supposed to be. Very tricky but I managed to pull it off. In this shot the Stair Texure was the default with Built on Wall canvas Stair steps since at the time It either wasnt avaible to change the stair texture or I just didnt know you could.

This is the Staircase as it is now but at night . Note the shining through of the green light which lined lydias eyes when the Maitlands were entering into the Waiting room for the dead afer drawing a door and knocking 3 times. Yes I built that too.

This is the attic during the day… You will see why I lock the door and change it to night for people before they go in. There were no good ways of adding sheet covered furniture so I improvised with the “Piles”.

This is the Model in the Attic During the day. I added a picture of the real model in the movie for comparison. The Model I built here differs some from the town I built outside this house in the condo.

This is the Attic at night. It looks much better at night as you can see.
The Glow of the light from the door Adam draws and knocks on is much more visible and highlighted as well as the lights in the model. The TV shows the one photo of Beetlejuices 2nd Attempt to get them to summon him. The other two images on the tv are the sandworm and the Snake Beetlejuice when he becomes a snake on the railing to the stairs.

Better and closer shot of the model at night. I did add the spider on the roof of the miniature Maintland house as it is shown several times in the movie it was only right.

Through the glowing green door however is NOT the waiting room of the afterlife but in fact a special secret room where I showcase many of the behind the scenes photos. There is a portal to exit which takes you back to the front of the inside of the house.

I think I already talked about this but this photo shows the spotlight on the chair like in the end of the film where the spot light comes on over the rocking chair and it begins to rock to the song, Lydia floats up in the Air and Jump in the line by Harry Belefonte starts playing.

Thats it for the house. On to the town.

The Opening of the Movie starts with a coming in shot of the entire town.
Heres my attempt at the same angle of that shot.

Here is the Bridge where Adam and Barbara swerve to miss the Doggie.
I had people ask me about the hole in the bridge and some suggest making the hole… I had a deadline of the 27th and I was grinding all this out so once I finished the bridge which I even made the custom 8000lb load limit sign for I was in a rush to get to the other parts of the town and I wasnt really sure about how long after their deaths I was basing this condo on. So I opted not to build that because if I had the river level would have to be right and I would have then had to have made the car and it just to me wasnt what I was trying to get accomplished I had other fish to fry. The house was the focus not an entire replication of everything in the movie though I basically did do that.

Come back soon sign.

This was actually a Soldier statue surrounded by a white picket fence but
in the game we dont have anything to replicate that and the fence we do have you cant change the color enough on to make it that color… Which BTW the white in this game in many cases appears as grey. When dealing with the canvas textures very few are actually a white and not a more grey color.

The staircase to the library where at the beginning of the movie Ernie is polishing the lion statue.
In the movie they are concrete statues in this game the only lion statues were gold. Tomato tomoto…
You can see in this shot that there were two lions and not only the one shown in the film thanks to the behind the scenes pics. Note the house across the street Janes Realtor and the WinterRiver Fire Dept. in the background.

The Library with a Comparison photo.

Janes Realtors

Winter River Fire Dept. Note the Truck lol. No one has noticed yet but that
truck is actually the TF2 Truck I used Canvases to make it into a more Fire truck to match the movie look.
There was no firetruck on the shop or in the game to match that era. So I made the TF2 Truck into one.

Maitland Hardware, the Maitlands last stop before their deaths.

The Church. No Weathervane on top I wasn’t sure how to go about that and didnt have all the time in the world to figure it out so I left it out Captured the church itself though.

The Iconic Cemetery. It is recreated to represent the overhead shot of the town
NOT the one depicted in the tiny model of the town.

Adam and Barbaras Graves are shown for a brief second inside the tiny model
So I felt it right to add them to the actual Cemetery. I just guessed at their ages and said 30 and put 1958
and then the year the movie came out as their death date.

A suggestion from a guest was to include some other Tim Burton movie references since he noted my avatar was also the Joker from Tim Burtons Batman 1989 lol. I never had really given thought to that he said you must be a big fan. I said I guess I am lol didnt put those two things together… So I opted to add a reference to Jack and Sally from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas.

That was gonna be it. I had someone ask me about Lydias school. I hadnt forgotten about it but… in the over head shot and in videos of people having been to that town they said the school was down the road a ways so I didnt build it. But after someone else asked me about it I opted to.

So here is the school. That roof was very tricky to recreate. In fact the same type of top roof part was on the house and it was very time consuming to recreate that… But I was able to use some pieces from the houses roof to aid me in making the schools it was still a pain though. You will note lots of grass around the round into the school that was to help with the raised road off the terrain due to the way the school sits on a shallow slope Turned out great I think.

Well thats it. Thanks for checking it out. Ill probably host it again later maybe even today. Im not real big on hosting but I dont mind showing it. Its just lots of down time between guests and I could be working on other things. Typing all this up and gathering the shots was even more work lol. Hope yall enjoy.

Workshop link to : Steam Workshop::Beetlejuice Recreation Halloween Contest 2021



Rules require 3 images minimum for entry I can only post 2. I made this as separate reply since that is quite a long post and you may not read to the bottom where I am not able to post more than 2 links.
The links are from my own discord server. I dont know how to downsize all of them for the purpose of this post Its fine if you just want to leave the two images. I dont want to waste even more time resizing all those images in that link then relinking them again.


Hi @Eaglezero6205, your entry is fine rules-wise. I’ll try to figure out if there’s a way to get the pictures to work so that people can just look at your forum post. You could also upload the pictures as an album on Imgur and paste your descriptions there, if you want to do that.

EDIT: It’s been fixed!


Heya everyone! Great entries all around!

My build started as a recreation of The Addams Family House and turned into something a bit more expansive than I intended. There’s still lots of detailing that can be done but I need a break from it.

You can have your fortune told by Le Cat, Get lost in the catacombs, Wander through the spider infested forest, Go spelunking in the cave, Camp out by the lake telling ghost stories, or relax by the fire with a glass of wine in the Howling Mad Estate.

SteamID: 76561198024657462
Steam Community :: [=nTe=]H.M.Murdock



To the Mortis Family Campgrounds

Visiting Le Cat

To the Mansion


Mansion Interior

To The Spider Forest

Into the Cave


Into the Catacombs

Mansion Exterior

The Candlemaker watches over us all

This was a lot of fun! If you want to explore The Howling Mad Estate yourself, Check it out on the workshop. ^^ And thanks to everyone who stopped by through it’s construction!

EDIT: Noticed the pic of the wine cellar in the basement was missing.


Holy crap, I remember seeing this in the super early stages, this looks incredible!!


Thanks Looks great I appreciate it.

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Steam Name: Caleegi
Steam64 ID: 76561198273420901
Condo Title - Camp Crystal Lake

Hello! For the Halloween Contest 2021 I have decided to do Camp Crystal Lake based off of Friday the 13th (more towards the game) with my own twist on it. You can see some iconic parts from Friday the 13th such as the shed with the mothers head and the dock with a boathouse.



Hello Eaglezero6205,

I like the amount of effort you put into explaining your design. Love the details !


Steam Name: Alexer Zoderia
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:55964584
Condo Title: - The Prizim Podcast Special Set - Spookie Dookie Manor!

Yes folks, it’s me, your #2 Talk Show host! Back from the dead and here to present some hard work I started when the Halloween update dropped! Wallace of course was a big help in the design, so big kudos to him! He’s such a reliable co-host after all…

Anywho, Let’s start at the beginning:

You have Woefully encountered trouble on your cross-country bus trip. While you are stranded a fair distance from town, a hauntingly isolated memoir of civilization awaits you…

Seeing no alternative, you and your accompanying party slowly trudged forward towards the gloomy mansion, taking heed of the strange gravestones that dotted it’s front lawn…

You enter the front door…

…and are greeted with a rather unusual foyer. Ahead is an elevator, with a button to descend to a lower floor. Perhaps the owner of this noble home wanted to descend in style?

You enter the elevator, and press the button to go down…

And then find yourself hurtling down the abyss!

When you awaken, you find yourselves in the most peculiar of places…


But let’s not forget the other areas from that night’s festivities…

Wallace’s Lab really does need a cleaning…anybody got any acid?

And of course, we couldn’t forget the Haunted Maze…Many souls were lost here that night, to the terrors of…


Jokes aside I had a really fun time putting this together, and for all of you who came to the show, and keep coming to my shows, your support means the world to me, and for that, I thank you. I’ll be hosting this condo a couple times before the Halloween season is over for people to tour…but once it’s gone, you’ll have to wait till next year!



SEUM Speedrunners From Hell tribute Halloween Condo
Workshop Condo Link
Medal Clip of Condo Media Area

nephco 76561198073653480


Our adventurer approaches a dimly lit gate. We sense that the night is still young but it doesn’t look like the future is looking brighter.

(big smile)


You’ll die in there. Squack!

Our adventurer pushes the gate. He enters. The gate slowly closes behind him. He goes down a ramp. Gone are the crowds, the hustle and bustle and warm, comforting glow from outside. Immediately, all you can hear is the wind. This place seems to be uninhabited by mankind. This is a graveyard of kings. He moves along the perimeter. The wind is increasing in strength the closer he gets to the center. But then, He see a skeleton move between some tombstones. The adventurer acts swiftly, and with great stealth. As he goes, he starts to hear the bones cracking, the skeleton giving a quick jolt.


Skeletal screeching!

He finds himself in a ballroom of high polished marble that must be decades old. The floor is covered with dozens of ancient, ornate candlesticks. Most of the candles have burned down and are now at the end of their shelf. As he moves through the room, he sees the face of a monster. But this is not a monster of the sea or flesh. This creature is of the wind. A giant who holds his reign to the top of a building. He stares into the distance with an unnerving calm.

The adventurer moves towards display cases filled with weird artifacts and odd goods. Old, unused. Most are covered in strange writing. He approaches a shrine which is surrounded by bright lights. Clearly a prolific city is outlined across the shrine. The adventurer approaches the shrine. Soaring, the cityscape is a wondrous marvel. To the right, a row of abandoned buildings has been demolished. The derelict structures have fallen into disrepair. To the left, Skeletons!


Skeletal screeching!

Each Skeleton has its own pit. a canopic jar has been overturned. The Skeleton looks right into the adventurer’s eyes. Skeletons writhe in pain as the adventurer hacks their necks off, one by one. Free from the evil graves of the dead. Murderers among the innocent. Up the stairs, another display case. The adventurer stares at a crystal artifact. It seems to be made of pure diamond. Surrounded by books which are filled with dark lore. The book titles have been tastefully handwritten in a combination of italics and normal font. The adventurer turns. a Guard stands there.


Prithee did rid the dungeon of the skeleton king’s curse! Then i’ll alloweth thee past.

The adventurer leaves the room up the stairs and into a room with a painting of a king. This is a fully furnished museum of sorts. King Henry VIII is displayed in a position of prominence. With a benevolent smile, the Painting depicts the King wearing a crown. In the kings quarters, there are skeletons waiting. Dead, decayed remains resting on a filthy, hard floor. The adventurer runs away from the door. Suddenly he falls in a hole. He falls through the hole, the air rushing over him as he passes.

In the sewers a distorted voice cries out:


He’ll tear my head off, break my bones!

A croc fights in the sewers. The adventurer handily defeats the reptile. The adventurer stands on the back of the dismembered croc. When his is jumped by skeletons, he is pushed to the ground and the skeletons break his fall. The sword runs through the eye of a skeletons, killing the beast. Soon the adventurer reaches a ritual chamber. Skeletons sing, some wretchedly. The walls of the chamber are red and cubical, torches illuminate the cubical space. a sculpture with huge eyes of gloom sits at the center. The torches themselves emit a yellow flickering light. He walks cautiously, ears pricked. After killing skeletons he leaves the ritual chamber, the light being behind him. He hears a crying from the hallway. The passageway is lit by candles. The hero begins to investigate the tunnel. Red light shines through. He enters and walks towards the light. Some skeletons are stretching a “body”. They stop, staring at the mystery-man.


Skeletal screeching!

The sounds get on the guy’s nerves. He throws a torch at the scaly forms and enters the room. Skeletons enter and gather around him.

A skeleton of epic proportion rises from the ground. It swings its huge claw, blocking the light from the hallway. The hero screams and the skeleton’s head slashes through the air. The Skeleton king leaps at the adventurer. He stabs the Skeleton in the back with an oversized diamond spike, thrusting the bone deep into his wound. The skeleton crashes into the hall where it crashes over an guillotine. It rolls on the ground.


Thanketh thee noble warrior

The guard lets the adventurer through into a great hall. The ceiling is like something out of the middle ages. a tomb lies in the center of the hall. a champions rest for our warrior king. Our warrior king enters through a door with a stained glass window of his battles.

(looks at the stained glass window)

The greatest adventure has come to a close. A minute lost but a moment gained.

Steam: Frasler


@Frasler Please add your Steam ID to your post.

Alright everyone, that concludes the submission portion of the contest. Awesome entries this time! I’ll get the voting set up and send that out to you all soon.

Okay, here is the link to the Community Vote: https://forms.gle/fS5FTZjQju9A6bPh7

I’ve added some explanation of how voting works and changed some wording in this one. It all works the same way as every other contest has, it just wasn’t worded correctly before.

Updated prize amounts are in the original post, also.

This will be open until November 10th, 2021 at 11:59 PM CT.

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Thanks some havent seen Beetlejuice yet though they know of the movie so I felt the need.
I placed notebooks throughout the place laying out the scenes as well for those who hadnt seen it.

All the contest entries this year are absolutely amazing! So many unique and beautiful creations! It’s incredible to see what people make for Halloween.

Please make sure to keep a backup or upload to workshop at some point, if you want to. We plan to feature a gallery in-game that showcases previous condo contest entries, and it would be awesome to let people explore them even after the contests.


Ive never uploaded anything to the workshop from TU. I should have done that my apologies.
Ill get on it. Post back with a link soon. Provided I can post that link since I’m still limited to 2 links I think.

Just finished voting that was not easy I cant imagine how others are thinking as well some amazing creations indeed. Its been fun. Ok will post back with link soon. Standby for edited comment with link.

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