November 2020 Condo Contest (Autumn)

Hey all!

For November, we are hosting an autumn-themed Condo Contest! :maple_leaf:

So, make a Condo that captures the mood and feeling of autumn for you! Whether it’s a cozy, rainy, retreat; a bountiful harvest feast; the busy shopping season; or a walking trail through changing nature- If it fits the autumn theme to you, we’d love to see it!

If you need help with your build, some autumn themed items in-game include the Smooth Autumn Condo which can be purchased at Horizon Condos in the Plaza, and several items in the Halloween section of Celebrations.

Don’t forget that you can change the color of leaves on many of the trees you can purchase at Seasons, as well.

The contest ends at 11AM PST on November 23rd.


  • 1st Place - 1,000,000 Units
  • 2nd Place - 500,000 Units
  • 3rd Place - 250,000 Units

Note: Participation prizes (75k) may be rewarded to participants when we are pleased with the entries, along with other bonuses for close contenders.

Prize amounts / Places may be raised depending on the types/amounts of entries.


  • Must fit within the theme!
  • Must be appropriate content (no nudity, hate speech, etc.)
  • Must post at least 3 pictures of your Condo.
  • Must be something new - you can’t submit something you started before this post was made.
  • If you make something in a pre-existing Condo build, or if you significantly rework your Condo to fit into the theme, make sure to focus your pictures on the area you’re submitting for the contest.
    (I strongly encourage these types of builders to submit before and after pictures of their Condos to help us judge.)

How To Submit:

  • Post at least 3 screenshots of your Condo as a reply to this thread as your entry to the contest. If you can’t upload images here, use an external image hosting service such as Imgur to embed the images here.

  • Include your Steam ID in the submission, so we can award you the Units if you win! (If you aren’t sure how to send your Steam64 ID, just link to your Steam Profile.)


Click here!

Tower Unite now allows for Co-Op building in Condos, and, since that is the case, we have some rules for submitting a Condo built with others.

You can go about submitting builds from Co-Op Condos in two ways:

1. Everyone who participated in the build gets credit

An Example: Person A opens their Condo for Person B and C to help them build a Haunted House. Person A builds the structure, and Person B and C help them decorate it. They all like how it came out as a whole, and want to submit it to the contest together.

  • If you submit this way, the owner of the Condo should make a post with pictures of the whole build.
  • Include the usernames and Steam IDS of everyone who participated.
  • If the entry wins, the prize will be divided equally amongst the participants.
  • Participation prizes (75k) will also be divided equally amongst participants, if applicable.

2. One person takes credit for their part of a larger build

An Example: Person A opens their Condo for Person B to help build a Haunted House in. Person A builds a cool maze next to the house, while Person B decorates a bunch of rooms on their own. Both want to submit their parts of the build separately.

  • If you submit this way, post pictures of the part of the Condo that you built.
  • Include your Steam ID.
  • If the entry wins, you will get the full prize.

We look forward to seeing your entries!


Long Hallway Autumn Lobby

SteamID: 76561197963962869


Fun fact
82 people in total have completed the Long Hallway

Before/After Screenshots:


MY Japanese Inspired Autumn Garden

A Japanese garden with custom terrain (Used Snow piles as hills around the stairs).
Water splashes if walked on and when you get close to the waterfall it will sound real as I used the rain sound to imitate water falling.

The Garden consists of a View Point, Waterfall, and a Chashitsu (Japanese Tea House) which comes with a koi pond and small zen garden entrance.

I focused heavily on the forest area, as Chashitsu are usually decorated modestly, I kept this simple to stay as authentic as possible.

SteamID: 76561198157199372

Link to video for sound effects and walkthrough:

Screenshots Below -


hi this is my first building and i hope it’s be good and i really think someone is won but this is luck so this is my work and i want evryone get’s some luck :3

steam ID : 76561198182447607



Orc autumn abundance festival for goddess Gandelodina…
…in the spirit of alliance… :revolving_hearts:

Steam ID: 76561198104650081


Video link:

Thank you for checking :revolving_hearts:


Here’s a nature trail/park thing. It’s not super great since I made it over the course of like 4 days but I think it turned out ok (sorry about the 500 images btw):

Steam Profile:


Autumn makes me think of early nights and rich colours. I started building the house in october, i finished it in november and created the Autumn decotrations for the content.


Please edit your post to include a link to your Steam profile!

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Here I am doing another Condo for another Condo Contest. This time I decided to make a shed that is based around Autumn c:

Here are some images:

20201124044006_1|690x431 !

And that’s pretty much it. I couldn’t make this post very fancy because I was running out of time ooF.

But anyways, thanks for checking it out and good luck to everyone else who is entering this Condo Contest : )

Link to Steam Profile:


Autumn Boat

Glorious. State of the art. Seasonal. You get it all in one package with this sexy autumn boat.

Packed with one whole autumn tree in a muddy goulash surprise, you’re sure to be content and comfortable with this floating paradise.

Steam ID:


Falling Leaves Pathway



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Great job everyone! We are currently judging the entries and will get back to you all soon! Thank you all for participating.


The results are in! Thanks again to everyone for participating. We enjoyed looking at everyone’s entries!

The winners are:

Prizes will be distributed soon! Next month’s contest will be announced towards the beginning of December, so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks again.


The prize money has been distributed. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who participated. Can’t wait to see you all in the next contest!


IM PROUD OF YOU @CalculatorSpoon!!!


THANk : )