Weekly Dev Log for November 16th, 2020

Weekly Dev Log for November 16th, 2020

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Dev Log for November 16th, 2020, detailing all the changes that have happened since November 9th, 2020. Note: Devs that don’t appear in the weekly log are not necessarily away or not doing work, but may be working on things currently not announced or backend work that doesn’t need to be detailed.

Pine Valley Track 2 Update & Hotfix

Last week, we released Update which included Track 2 of the Accelerate map, Pine Valley, along with several crash fixes for Workshop. You can view everything included with that update here.

We also released a Hotfix (Update, which included general balancing and bug fixes for issues identified with Update ( You can read more about that hotfix here.

Halloween Event Ending (Update

We’re currently working on Update, which will bring an end to the Halloween Events, as well some crash fixes. We’re hoping to get this update out tomorrow or Wednesday. You can read more about this update here.

November 2020 Condo Contest Begins

This month, we’re running an autumn-themed Condo Contest! This contest ends on November 23rd, so make sure to get your submissions in ASAP! Winner takes home 1,000,000 units! You can read more about the contest, as well as rules for Co-op condo submissions here.

Slaughterday Night Live (SDNL)

@macdguy started working on prototyping movement and gun-play for Slaughterday Night Live. This includes Camera Bobbing, Jumping, Double Jumping, Air Strafing, the Gib system, and more.

Slaughterday Night Live: Sliding Demo WIP

Slaughterday Night Live: Movement Demo (Air Strafing, Double Jumping, Air Dashing) WIP

Slaughterday Night Live: Weapon Gameplay Demo WIP

Virus: Theme Park

@Lifeless started working on a new Virus map, Theme Park.

Virus: Theme Park Sneak Peak WIP

Little Crusaders: Mystic Grove

@macdguy worked on a new Little Crusaders map, Mystic Grove.

Little Crusaders: Mystic Grove Sneak Peak WIP

Accelerate: Wishy Washy Waterfall

@Lifeless continued working on Wishy Washy Waterfall, getting it mostly completed.

Accelerate: Wishy Washy Waterfall Track Overview WIP

Plaza: New Seasons NPC

@joshua started working on the new Seasons NPC based off the concept art by @Wheezwer.

Plaza: New Seasons NPC


@Johanna continued working on the rail shooting gallery.

@macdguy worked on the HUD for Billiards.

@Sketchman worked on several bugs and crashes relating to Workshop, fixed a long standing bug with hit detection on servers, worked on a crash relating to Workshop Icons, and touched up the Jetpack ad artwork.

@Wheezwer worked on podium banners for the Accelerate map, Wishy Washy Waterfall.

@Will continued working on music for the Accelerate map, Wishy Washy Waterfall, prototyped music for Slaughterday Night Live, and prototyped music for a few arcade machines.

Plaza: Billiards HUD

Wrap It Up

That about covers everything that happened since November 9th, 2020 at PixelTail Games. See you all next week!

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SDNL best gamemode. Nice




Excited for billiards


SDNL Looks promising already! Didn’t know it was going to have such cool movements to give it that arena shooter feel.

YES!!! Never even considered this as a setting for a Virus map! What an awesome surprise!


LETS GO SDNL! Best Gameworld


PvP Battle was my jam in GMT, so hyped for SDNL


So hyped for SDNL and the new Virus Map!

Is SDNL just a Free-For-All based FPS game? Thats what Im seeing from the videos lol

1 Like

I’m really excited for all of these new maps! Definitely will help make things a little more refreshed just having a few new maps here and there. I’m still kinda disappointed that there’s a lot of focus on SDNL right now, instead of Planet Panic which has core gameplay already done, but if the community wants SDNL then so be it. Definitely sucks though, kinda wish the things from Planet Panic could just be slowly worked on, I miss the game and honestly just want to listen to will’s tracks for them in game.

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Thats exactly what it is

Man I really hope you guys manage to optimize the connection for people with more than 50+ ping for SDNL.

Not living where most people who play do is kinda horrible. Virus, Chainsaw Minigame and Laser Tag are unplayable if my ping is near 100.

I know this is not something easy to just fix but I hope there’s at least SOME optimizations.
I would play this game so much more if it felt a least a little more fair to play against people with low ping.

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Planet Panic won’t be left in the dark for too much longer.


Sweet, that’s definitely good to hear! :slight_smile:

Can we just take a moment to realize how much better the team has gotten at making maps.
The new accelerate map looks like something straight out of mario kart.


Awesome work! Though I was hoping the M1 Garand was gonna make the ping sound.

It will. Sound effects are usually done last cause they need the gameplay first.


I’m excited for SDNL though one issue has me worried and it’s not even with SDNL; it’s the networking.

Movement networking with other players isn’t silky smooth yet, stuff like Virus is pretty rough when players don’t have the most stable of internet so I can only hope it’s improved somewhat nearing the time of SDNL’s release.


Looks great! There isn’t yet an SDNL Suggestions Thread on the forum so I’ll just make a quick suggestion here, it’d be nice if the little ‘Hacker!’ Splash Text that comes up when you get a headshot both alternated between different toxic gamer phrases like idk ‘bodied’ ‘get good’ or something of the sort, and more importantly, it would be great if it made like some orchestral or strings sound effect reminiscent of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater Special Trick Sound (linked below for reference) just to make it feel more impactful.